Sunday, June 1, 2014

SG Feb '14: Day Four

 I have decided to finally post this because I have free time today and because 
Tisha has another tour video from Art Fair and I really want to post it na!

Okay, GAME.

On our last day in Singapore, I had a lot of things on my mind -
I shall type them down in order of importance:
Hindi ako nag file ng leave sa trabaho omg
B. Will everyone get to go home except me?! 
Omg will I get arrested for not having an identity
C. What the hell am I going to do alone at the airport when 
they all leave?! (Oooh - probably go to my favorite kid store)
D. Huhuhu... Secretly bitin ako sa shopping
E. Could my passport possibly reappear in my life today?

Our (Mom, Dad, and Ana) flight home was earlier than everyone else because
I had work on Monday and I didn't want to be absent (This was way back when 
I was obsessed about being a responsible professional!)

We were planning to leave at noon for the airport, so Kuya Leo 
helped me file a police report early that morning then straight to
the embassy to get a travel document so I could fly home!

(Thank you Kuya Leo, it was very nice of you to help me out!!!!)

Filing a police report in Singapore is very fast and hassle-free - I'm not saying 
lose your passport in a different country, ha! I'm just saying if it ever does happen 
to you, you'd be really lucky to lose it here instead of anywhere else =))

 Since everyone was super efficient, I was done with about an hour to spare.
I met up with the gang so I could try to shop one last time before leaving.
Trachea and I went to the top floor of Cineleisure where I met two super 
kyot store clerks who let me take their photos.

With 20 minutes left, we all ran to Top Shop across the road. Didn't get to 
look at much because at the 10-minute mark, Dad called my phone and 
told us to go back to the hotel so we paid and started running again. 
Made it back to the hotel exactly on time and left for the airport

This lady drives us to and from the airport often. She wasn't the one who drove us to
the hotel when we arrived, so this was my first time to see her in a while. She still
has that one strand of colored hair in a pony tail like she's always had, haha!

When we got to the airport, I was pretty nervous because all I had to help me go
home was a piece of paper with a stamp on it and I didn't know if it was going to 
convince them to let me on the plane. I could tell Dad was a little worried if it would
work out too, tapos suddenly Tito Jimmy and Auntie Doris appeared! 

They said they were there to make sure everything would go smoothly.
Turns out there would be no problems at all! They called me to the immigration
counter on the side, looked at the police report and my travel document, then let me through!

Omg thank you. I could finally breathe after that! I went straight to my favorite store
to look at books and other nerdy things

Hi again, Abuelita!

If any of you are wondering what my favorite store in Changi Airport is:


Here's a cool photo of Dad with a mohawk


P.S. No, I never found my passport - We still don't know if someone took it or if our room
had a weird black hole that took passports, but please learn from me! Passports straight into
the safety box in your hotel rooms when you get there!!!