Saturday, January 31, 2015

SG Apr '14: Day 1 + 2

April 17, 2014

April 16 is Miko's birthday. Ate Diday told me that they were 
planning a trip to Singapore to surprise him, and I was super excited
because I wanted to go too, but our flight was a day late! (No more
seats on the plane? Or maybe I had work? I can't remember)

Flew to Singapore with my parents and Tito Ronny's family.

Everything was normal, we headed down the same escalator and 
lined up for immigration, except when it was my turn, they didn't let
me through. The officer gave my passport back to me and told me to go
to the immigration office. By that time everyone else was already on the 
other side of the gate, so I just sent my dad a text telling him what was going
on. When I went to the counter, they didn't tell me anything about why I wasn't
let through- they just told me to go straight to the room they had on the side. 

At this point nashoshokotei na ako, because when I went inside, I saw two
women already asleep on their bags. Uhm. Was I going to end up like them?!?!?!
I was thinking maybe they stopped me because they saw I had a police report filed
from losing my passport? After a few minutes, a lady in a uniform comes in and
motions for me to follow her (parang hindi ata uso magsalita dito, guys) into a
small room next to our seats. She led me to a computer that was already on, tapos
she had me enter all my fingerprints into a USB reader. After that she just told me
I was done and I was like HUH ba't ganon so kinapalan ko na fezz ko and I straight
up asked her why they needed my prints and all I got from her was "just checking."

Although I didn't get an actual reason for why I was stopped, I was glad to get out
of there. I had to line up at immigration again and wait for my turn - Tita Mimi
was waiting for me at the other side because she was scared that I was scared daw :-))

Oh, here's a drawing of that immigration office room I was sent to:

As usual, I picked the seat next to all the luggage because I like corners.
Wa ko knows.

I don't know why I don't have photos of dinner, but I don't.
Apparently we met up with Sheena though! I think this was at
Dhoby Ghaut station - if I remember correctly, we came from
Cathay Cineplex? AH! Yeah! I took Tracy with me to meet up
with Miko at Plaza Singapura kasi that's where he was having
dinner and we were planning to play billiards at Cathay pero it was
raining really hard. After standing at the entrance for a while and
realizing the rain wasn't gonna stop anytime soon, we decided to make
a run for it (kasi Cathay is right next door naman)

April 18, 2014

Hello from our banyo (I was rooming with Tisha on this trip -
those are our pajamas at the back)

Ate Diday wanted us to eat at Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery) for lunch
kasi super yummy daw, pero the line was too long when we got there.
Went to the restaurant next to it nalang. Look at the cute cow logo!

The place's name is Ito-Kacho and I liked it because I like luto-luto.

This is a king crab claw.

Tess wearing my sunglasses

After lunch we passed by Dad and Uncle Jimmy at a restaurant in the
same building so we could say hi. They were selling black waffles.

Spent the afternoon at Takashimaya. The two girls getting their salted caramel
macaron fix at Ladurèe (it's the only flavor they eat)

I found a Japanese Pokemon magazine at Kungkanikanino!
(Also known as Kinokuniya)
Yes I admit I only bought it for the blanket

Ugh why are the Japanese so cute irita

Tisha on the other bed: "What the hell, Annie."

French frie jacket in preparation for movie night
(we were going to watch The Other Woman)

Had a quick dinner in Din Tai Fung, Paragon.
That yellow thing on the right side of the photo is a
cute crab made out of xiao long bao dough!


Took a photo of a guy slicing stuff

~*Went to Shaw to watch movie*~

Tisha got a sundae on the way home and her cone had a
hole in it so I took a photo

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meraki: Maidens of Sound


Last April 13, 2014 I planned to go to this music + art thing at
Fort with my friends because I'm a really big fan of June Marieezy.
I used to freak out every time I saw her around Taft, ok.
(If you don't know her, please check her out!) 

It was our monthsary too so I thought it would be perfect
to celebrate with great music + our friends!

When I saw the poster for the event, the art style reminded me of
a wall in High Street so I decided to do some research kasi fun
mag research. (Admit it you guys, you miss your thesis and I
guess just school in general after it's over! For Sir YC Kong's
MMABIZ2 kids, "ANAK NG! ... Citation Machine....")

Tried to find the artist who made the poster, found out that
the artist's name is Dee Jae Paeste, looked through some Google
 images then tenenenen, lo and behold, I was right! This is a photo
of Dee Jae standing in front of his painting at High Street!
I stole this from

I didn't take a lot of photos that night cos I honestly just really wanted
to watch June kasi I have never seen her live before and this concert
of sorts was supposed to be a send off for her and for another
artist called Low Leaf who is also very very cool! They both don't
live in Manila and this was supposed to be their last gig. (June ended up staying
in Manila though pero okay lang at least I still got to see her, and sa Fort pa,
so it was super near! I don't think I'll ever be allowed to go to Malasimbo
or any music festival that's outside Manila so this was super lucky!)

SimilarObjects <--- He's awesome!
2014-04-13 19.35.15

2014-04-13 19.52.14

RAW (as in Fuego from those FlipTop rap battles, guys)
2014-04-13 20.05.06

2014-04-13 20.16.11

2014-04-13 20.31.03-1

2014-04-13 20.31.08

2014-04-13 20.31.13

2014-04-13 22.40.57

Gosh you guys I was so kilig in this moment. A bunch of people were hanging
out in front and I really wanted to get a photo so Carlos was nice enough to
let me go ahead and leave them at the back while I crawled my way to get
a nice spot. Agh, she was amazing!
2014-04-13 22.40.54

I got a picture of her smiling! :-(
2014-04-13 22.40.53

2014-04-13 22.27.59

After the gig, we saw June walking around and talking to people kaya
my friends started telling me to go ask her for a photo pero masyado po
akong nastar-struck please. After freaking out for a bit and deciding to head
home, we run into Luis (aka my amazing film friend) and he tells me he's
gonna ask her for a photo. At this point the friends I'm with are hitting me
and making YIIIIIIIIE sounds and I get even more nervous.

Luis drags me back inside and we look for her. When he sees her, he really just
walks over and starts a conversation with her and I'm just standing there behind
him thinking, "Oh my god I look like a freaking idiot just standing here staring
HOW THE HELL IS HE DOING THIS RIGHT NOW" pero I couldn't do anything
else talaga ano ba =(( As Luis promised though, I did get that pic! Pero na-ashame
ako sa fezz ko kaya here, look at how pretty she is nalang. She wasn't too comfortable
with what was happening and she left kaya Luis didn't get to take another shot
pero HELLER I'm so happy with this na 'no!!!??!
2014-04-13 23.49.37

I couldn't find any links to RAW's music but this is a collab
between June + RAW para you hear something from him pa rin nye he he

Heehee and watch this video of her song Fly, because it's so nice

Why I haven't been blogging

Hello guys! I am currently on a break between jobs and it has been amazing -
don't get me wrong ha, hindi sa ayaw ko magtrabaho, I've just been dying to get a break.
You know how in school, kids get summer off and they have all kinds of holidays
within the school year? Work is kind of the same thing except instead of getting
a two-week break, you just get a day or two... Maybe every 5 months..................

My point is (may point talaga ako guys), it was hard for me to think about my art
because of how busy I was. Obviously there are people who are a lot busier than I am,
but I'm just talking about me here okay. I lost the inspiration to draw and take pictures
and I didn't feel happy with myself at all. I didn't want to blog because I didn't feel like 
there was anything worth sharing. I didn't feel like I was going in the right direction,
honestly. Nothing was wrong with my old job and the people there are awesome and I
love them to bits and we still talk and they became my best friends for the one year 
I was there, pero I guess the job itself just wasn't the right fit for me. 

I love everything about my course kasi, okay - when I chose it, it was because it was 
what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. School was super hard and there were a lot
of sleepless nights working on three paintings + a video + an animation all at once, but I was happy.
I realized after graduation that when I'm not surrounded by things that I love every day,
nabubulok yung brain ko. I legit get really sad about it and then I sit by myself trying to
draw but I just end up staring at a blank page tapos I get even sadder and frustrated with
myself because I can't come up with anything. I'd go online to see batch mates doing
things they want to do and I see them growing and getting better at their craft and duh,
obviously I can't help but get jealous. 

I felt like I was gonna be left behind and I wouldn't be able to catch up anymore.
Basta I was at a really low point ok HAHAHA iyak nalang us guys

So ayon, now I'm on a break - the longest break I've been on in a year, and I can't even
begin to explain how much I needed this. I could finally relax and not think about anything
for a while, tapos I got to catch up on sleep pa. I got to see friends and actually spend time
with them (hindi na mga minamadaling lunch break or just dinner - cos hello there's too
much to talk about how the hell do you fit that conversation into an hour or less tapos
texting and chatting aren't fun cos duh wouldn't you prefer looking at an actual
person when you're updating them about your life?!??) 

There were a few freelance gigs where I got to hold a camera and take real photos, 
and then I finally got to wear clothes I've been wanting to wear without thinking
about looking professional and all that. I've been using my free time din to fix my
room because I've been wanting to do that for a while now - there was too much
clutter but I just never had the time to throw things out and organize. Tapos
oh ehm gee guys, guess what. I STARTED DRAWING AGAIN AS IN!!!
(This last bit is such a big deal to me)
I feel like I'm getting myself back and it's making me really happy.

Sorry if this post seemed a bit serious (because I am never serious on this blog?!??!),
pero I just felt like explaining my long disappearance, haha! I really love telling 
stories though, so even if  it's late, I plan to blog everything that's happened over
the past year kasi I'm super ganado na right now and I don't want to lose that inspiration
ever ever ever again, he he he