Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I had a date with my Dad

Hello, everyone! :-)
Today is a bit different from normal Sundays because all the women in the family
are out of the country - They're all in the States for what I call a "mid-annual shopping trip."

It's been just me and Dad since Saturday, and this afternoon, he asked me if
I wanted to go shopping while the other girls go shopping on the other side of the world.
He said I could pick where we'd go and I could pick where we'd have dinner.
(Nyeheheh my Dad spoils me when Mom is away, I know -
but it isn't often so gotta make the most of it!!!)

A funny fact - My Dad and my Ate told me to start blogging, but they are the two people
who hate having their faces on my blog. Ano ba. :-))

I asked Dad to take my picture while waiting for the car, but we were against the light!


Look at the shelf! Look at those pretty bags! :-( Guess which one I fell in love with
(I'm going to tell you later, anyway)

Dad was looking for music at AstroVision.
Dad: Meron pa ba kayong Charmaine Clamor?
Lady: Tatanungin ko lang po.
(Lady leaves)
(Lady comes back)
Lady: Sir never po kami nagbenta nun eh!
Dad: Tatlong beses na ako bumibili ng CD niya dito eh
(Lady leaves after Dad tells her nevermind nalang)

There aren't a lot of stores in Manila that have sales people who actually know what they sell.
National Bookstore palang sobrang useless na magtanong sa saleslady.
Easier to just look for a certain book yourself. Tsk tsk tsk

On other news, I got new magic tricks today!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of have a playing card obsession - my collection is getting even bigger
When I get my own place I will have a playing card library lol

Cute tarantula in a box! (Yes it is real)

Cute rattlesnake! (Yes it is real also)

This one wasn't so cute. Maybe if the head was a bit fatter? :-/
He just kind of looks like a sad, sad crocodile.

And this one's just morbid. :-)) This is a bonsai cat stuffed toy.
A while back there was this internet hoax that said that some people
grow their cats in jars so that their bones would grow into the shape of the jar
(Kinda like how people grow bonsai plants) Ahahah basta it's such a sad toy! :-))

Mister Alan-dude and Tita Lani appeared too, by the way!
It was a relief cos I didn't really want to pick where to have dinner. :-))

We ended up at Mangetsu

Not a lot of people yet

Mmmm Coke is always a must if you're about to eat good food

This is the samurai you will pass by before you head up the steps.
I think I would like to name him Ricardo.

Salmon Sashimi and Spicy Tuna

Broccoli with some kind of dipping sauce

Spicy Tuna Temaki

Chicken Karaage (Which, I think, every table orders!)

Manipis na Beef na nakapatong sa Mashed Potato
(Okay I am definitely wrong in naming this dish +
I am not even sure if that really WAS potato under the beef)

They're making chika about old people things that I don't understand.

My favorite kinds of chairs are the ones with a patungan ng paa.
So you get what I mean? :-)) I'm talking about those extra pieces of wood
they attach to chair legs so you can put your feet up :-))

Vanilla ice cream

Bananaque (No need for a fancy name, that's what is is)

After I was done with dessert and they started talking about old things again, I started
mixing the ice cream into the leftover bananas on my plate.

I noticed Dad staring so I look at him and I stop, then he asks,
"What are you doing?" I giggle and say, "Nothing!!!"
And then Mister Alan-dude says, "She's going bananas."

Right before leaving I got this idea to take Mister Alan-dude's photo
at the restaurant's reception area. He gladly did it!

Tas after I thanked him, he said, "Wait! Dapat mukhang nagbibigay ako ng brochure!"

Aaaaaaand this is the bag I picked!
Ugggh it's so nice

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


1. Shot our VID3 commercial last week. This is Moe and Korra

I didn't get photos of that day - so have a photo of the product we were selling that day - Magic Marshmallows! (Okay uhm, they are supposed to be floating marshamllows that you have 
to run after before you get to eat......)

2. My room as of last Saturday. That's Fluffy on my bed.

3. I turned myself into twins again - because I still want a twin

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keep safe, everyone

You guys already know I hate rain. 
I miss the sun. This is getting really annoying,
I wish it would stop raining na

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear Korra

You're so big na! And your color is way nicer now than it used to be!
(Pomeranians shed off their hair so their real color will grow)

Your toy dog used to be as big as you, o! Now you're way bigger than it is. :-))
April 2012

August 2012

Please grow even bigger because big dogs are adorable

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I shall disappear for a while