Saturday, October 18, 2014

MMAF 2014

HELLO! Last April, I attended the Multimedia Arts Festival 2014.
I mostly wanted to see my teachers and my friends (am not gonna lie),
pero syempre I also wanted to see some really promising exhibits I saw online.

This whole "Multimedia Arts Festival" thinggie started in 2013.
(Our batch's PART ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR.)
I think our Project Head Patrick Segovia came up with the name.
Maybe they liked it so much they decided to keep it for the rest of the
year-end PORTFOL class kids. (MMAF only happens at the end of the year.
Kids who take PORTFOL class in the middle don't get the festival and have to
exhibit solo. There have been some really amazing ones! I guess some classes
really work better by themselves instead of at a giant event with everyone else.)

At the time, everyone was fighting because we had finalized that it would
be one big exhibit for all of the classes, but we didn't have a name for it yet.
Multimedia Arts Festival was the one that worked. (The fight about whose logo
we were going to use as the official one is a whoooole different story, hahaha!)

HEMINGWAY BACK TO MMAF 2014 (sorry nagreminisce ako masyado)

We got to SMX Convention Center at after-lunch o' clock,
and the first people we saw were BLOCKMATES!!!!!!!!!!
Nostalgia was kicking in and fast! This is Kaye, Mawee,
and Pat. (Pat's last name is Mapili so people used to call her Choosy)

Avolution Inc. had a booth meaning Andrea would be there!
I never imagined my grade school and college friends would ever mix,
but here they are! Andrea (on the left) from Grade 6 and Kira (on the right) from CSB!

Tosi at the entrance

Zac (my classmate from Prism), and Walter - the magical guy who knows
where to find a supplier for pretty much anything!!!

Surge exhibit had breakfast on the floor. I LOVED IT.

Marty (he bikes a lot) + girlalette - yiiiiiiiie!

This was Error 404, my fave exhibit! Their online teasers were amaze.

They had an app that used the clothing on the mowdel + a camera
to make random 3D creatures appear basta super galing siya!

Each outfit had a different 3D creature basta ang galing talaga lol

Patrick Segovia (Mr. Project Head 2013), Angela, and Louise!

This was Kalye Berde's exhibit.

The grass thing was cute.

Aubrey's boyfriend Pao

Sir Paul Samonte + Monica in front of the Meridiem exhibit

This is From The Ground Up (as all of you can see)

They had that game where you had to pass a tool through some wire
without touching the wire or it would make an EEEEEENG sound.
Caros got about 5 EEEEEENGs before giving up.

Diego's girlalette, Ikat

This book was funny!

AGH! My favorite exhibit part two - Recess!
HELLO there was a Pikachu and a giant GameBoy, ano ba.

... Sorry.

LOOK O - They made an app that worked EXACTLY like a Pokedex except
it was the class's students and their specialties and descriptions!

Denise and Adrian - aynako one of the most talented couples I know.
Adrian made that shirt, ya kno! Denise likes skulls and succulents!

Cute PlayStation controller at the Continuum exhibit!

Sup, Sir Hansel!

The boys with the Favorite Teacher ng Bayan -
Gino, Sir Jesse, Mau, and Anton (Kira's boylette!)

Angel (lady who loves film) and Bots (he likes superheroes)!

Lee Caces, master typographer and Mr. Hipstah

Heehee Denise and I because she's amaze talaga!!!
(She wasn't part of MMAF 2014 tho pero whatevs)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Art Fair 2014


Hemingway, I am feeling great today! I finally feel the urge to blog because
I want to, not because I feel like I have to (a feeling I couldn't shake for months, honestly)

Art Fair 2014 was the first 'Art Fair' I got to attend.
I am shy to go to these kinds of things alone and art exhibits aren't
exactly my friends' first choice when deciding where they
 want to hang out, so I miss out often. I think I need more art friends!
(Or I need to be anti-shy and willing to attend by myself.)

I liked Art Fair a whole lot more compared to Manilart 2014!
I think the pieces were more up my alley. I don't know if I've ever blogged this,
but I've never understood abstract art. I don't get why a red square in a
sea of white is supposed to be amazing. I'm sure there are a lot of people who can
appreciate it, and good for them. They must be a lot deeper than I am. :-))
I am also bored of seeing the usual paintings with women in filipiniana costumes
sitting by the river under a coconut tree for shade -
do you guys know what kind of paintings I'm talking about?

My dad took us (Daffy, Tess, and I) there on the last day. There were so many people!
I don't have much to say about the exhibit so here are the ones I liked the most nalang!

Fallen Dominoes by Guenivere Decena

I really, really, really like this one -  can't really explain why but you 
know how you look at some paintings and you don't feel anything?
(That's how I feel about those filipiniana pantings, by the way) 
I like seeing art that makes me feel stuff even when I don't know the story behind it

These are all by Marina Cruz. I love them I love them I love them

After some Googling, I found a Manila Bulletin article with a quote from her. “I wanted to shed a human light on dolls,” says Cruz. “They are not just mere objects. Sometimes, a doll can even be a confidante, of sorts, for lonely children.”

 I fell in love with this one, and I honestly wanted to own it.
(I wouldn't mind waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this)
Told Dad about it and he told me to go ask what its price was.
Ehhhh Marina - oh ya know, just the lady who painted all this pretty stuff -
was there and she was the only one manning the booth at the time.
I get starstruck by people who I think are magaling, okay?
Kaya shyness took over and I backed out of asking...

This is Sir Lleano, my 2nd Year HS painting teacher!
This was the guy who taught me how to draw real people, okay.
He taught me that your hands should be really light when you draw because
shading is a magical thing, tapos he taught us how to draw rulerless straight lines.
He's awesome. I always seem to run into him at art exhibits like this.
I saw him din all the way in Antipolo when we visited the Pinto Art Gallery!

Come on. Skinless unicorns in a cage. They are adorable.
No further explanation needed, tenks.

ANA'S FAVORITES (as in the rest of the things I liked in no particular order)

Yun lang. It sucks to be uninspired. Keep looking at art, everyone!