Saturday, November 24, 2012

My hair, and a lot of duck faces

Someone commented on my last post asking how
 and where I got my hair colored. It got me thinking, "pa'no nga ba,"
 so I opened Photobooth and rewinded veeeeery far, to October last year.

I was in the middle of growing my hair when 
last year was about to end, actually.
 Things happened and then I just really wanted 
to cut everything off, so... I had a hair cut!

This was taken in October 2011, right after I had it cut short
Photo 2267

This waaaas December, right before leaving for
Christmas Eve dinner with Mom's side of the family
Photo 2311

This was in January this year, and I am wearing
 a hat that my cousin Pammy got me!
(Yes, these are the kinds of things that interest me)
Photo 42

My hair was a biiiiit longer by the end of the month.
This was taken on a Sunday - Ate had just given me a new Proud Race shirt
with shoulder pads, and she made me wear it during lunch!
Photo 83

In March 2012, I finally decided to ask the parents if I could color my hair!
(The only color they were going to allow was dark purple, and that WAS 
what I asked for, but look - It looks like a dark brown/red color. :-)) 
I have no idea why that was the color that came out)
Photo 67

By the end of March, after many many shampoos, 
it was a lighter red than it used to be.
(It was really supposed to be purple what)
Photo 151

This was in April, when we went to Singapore for the summer!
Wait, joke lang. I remember I couldn't even go out during that trip
because I was finishing my AUTHOR2 finals. Okay joke lang,
that Singapore trip wasn't in the summer. Maybe we had a break?
Photo 176

When we got back to Manila, I really wanted to recolor my hair na
so I asked Anne (who is my magical sibling) to go with me!
Can you guys see Bel at the back? We had to sleep in a different room
for a while because my room's floor was being... re-floored
Photo 212

Two months later in May, my hair had faded again,
but it was longer!!! (This is the only photo I have from within/during/in between
 (Ano ba dapat?) that month, and I took this photo to thank Ate for the wings she gave me!)
Photo 302

By the end of May, I could tie my hair na!
This is from the day I helped my Ate style 
some outfits for a Muji fashion show!
Photo 309

This is what I looked like in June, and that is Tisha
and Miko using me as a patungan ng ulo.Tisha was napping on me, 
while Miko was using me as a head rest while watching a show on his laptop.
Photo 321

A few days after the photo above, I had my hair recolored again. 
It was a darker darker red (I was asking for a more vibrant red, though)
Photo 392

In fairness, the color lasted until July. 
Taken during a break in school with Carlos.
No idea why I decided to open Photobooth 
while trying to get oil out of my face
Photo 431

The hair color faded again.
That's Denise sitting in my Business class last term
because she was using my arm as a plate for class
Photo 445

My hair was at such an awkward stage in July so I kept
tying it up as in ang awkward talaga and I was already considering having 
a haircut again but I had to tell myself not to because I wanted to try it long
Photo 491

Recolored and less awkward in August! This time, I really
made sure to make them understand that I wanted it a red red, not 
a dark red. They said they'd have to bleach the top layer of my hair
so that the color would pop out, so I let them!
Photo 685

With Korra last month! The new color had faded back to 
what it looked like right after bleaching
Photo on 2012-10-20 at 21.56 #4

Aaaaand tonight! It's not red at all anymore.
I don't know what color it is - Let's call it kalawang, okay?
 My hair hasn't been this long since about four years ago!
I'm so happy (even though it doesn't look like it) and I plan to 
keep growing it again until I get really sick of long hair!
Photo on 2012-11-23 at 23.48 #2

Okay so obviously I am a person who is so easily bored with her hair.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chairs are expensive.

The title is that way because today, Ana and Mickey spent Sunday
watching Jerry Springer, and whenever someone got really mad,
we noticed that they went straight for the chair, so they could throw it on
the person they were enggry at. (Sabi ni Jerry Springer mahal daw ang upuan)
(Spelled enggry because this is how Tisha says it.)

We had dinner out tonight, so I dressed up and this
is what we looked like right before we left.

I used a 50mm today - so we had to keep on moving
back until we could get a full body shot.

On the car ride to Greenbelt, I decided to fishtail braid my hair.
It finally works!!! My hair is starting to grow long now,
(and I promise not to cut it until it's past my shoulder.)

I have a story about Mickey's shirt in the photo.
This afternoon, Mickey was with an American woman and her kid in
the elevator. The lady saw his shirt and said, "Oh! Your shirt's so horrible!
Good thing it's spelled wrong!" then she proceeded to cover her kid's eyes.
(LOL this is funny, but I'm not sure if I got it exactly right. Mickey, message me if I'm wrong!)

Hi Tracy, I only noticed you had a mole in your eye
when I was editing these photos

I was being serious

Tisha was being happy

Us kids had dinner at Cibo, while the older ones had dinner
at Lusso. (We really don't like it there.)

Here, have some more of Mickey's shirt hahahahaha

For some reason, I always feel shy when Tisha is the one
taking my picture (It leads to the weird things I do in front of the camera)

Lol I just noticed that I look like I'm in boxers.

We sat outside the restaurant because it was even colder inside.
(To anyone who has eaten at Cibo Greenbelt - Do your butts get really cold
too when you're in short shorts and you sit on the metal chairs?)

Food we ate:

1. Potato chips for everyone

2. Pasta that I can't remember the name of for Tisha

3. Spinach dip for Mickey and Tracy (one each) and;

4. Tegamino Mozzarella for Ana
 (This is my automatic order forever - buti pa si Tisha, nakaget over na.)

Oh - and the reason I had a camera today -
Korra was with us at Greenbelt!
When we got there and we saw that other dogs were walking around,
they had Korra and Bel picked up from the house and brought to Greenbelt
so they could walk around. This was when we found them

This is a photo of Tracy, Tisha, and Mickey walking to Greenbelt 3 from Greenbelt 5.

This was taken right before Korra left (to go to Lusso where the parents were)
Yes, this spoiled dog gets pushed around in a stroller!!!!!!

We ended up at Topshop / Topman because that is always where we end up anyway.
When we were paying na, one of the clerks just took a butt off of the display and put
it on the counter. Eeeeeeh as usual we had to take a picture

Then Tracy wanted a picture with it

Then I wanted a picture with it

Then Tracy said we should have a picture with it together

And theeeen it was back to Greenbelt 5, where we were getting picked up.
You see that white thing at the bottom right? That's Mickey's beautiful shoulder.

After that it was back home na.
When we got to the elevator, Dad picked Korra up
and we freaked out because Dad normally doesn't like dogs.
(He has conquered his fear!) I found this very cute.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I love you Ana!

Okay. So this all started when I got a text a while ago, and it said:

So I was like:

Tapos biglang they said:

It made sense that Ate was with them
kasi how else would they get my number, diba?
So I replied and said:

Eh at that time I was also talking to my friend Ina on Facebook,
and Ina wanted me to tell them she loved them too, so I added:

The reply I got was:

Okay, so it made sense that Jeroen was with Ate
who were both with Ryan and Garovs, right?
So I said:

And then they said:

At this point I was like WEEEEEEEEH no way na yan!!!
I concluded that Ate was trying to tease me again, so I said:

Then they made pahabol a thank you to Ina
(Who is very happy to have gotten to say I love you to them!)

For some reason, Ate always replies to tweets faster than texts,
so I tweeted her and she replied:

Tapos she tweeted again:

Eh I still didn't believe that Jujiin was there so I was like:

Tapos Jujiin tweeted them back saying:

So I was sure na Jujiin wasn't with them na, but everything was still so funny
and I was telling Ina everything while it was happening,
kaya she tweeted:


While talking to Ina, I got another tweet and it said:

Tapos I was freaking out kasiiii kasiiiii kasiii
I didn't know what to reply!!!! =))))))))))
So hindi ko na kinaya, I got my phone and I called Ate.

She answered laughing, then right when I was in the middleof saying, "Ateeeeeeeee!!!!"
she gave the phone to Ryan, and he said, "Hi Ana! Thank you!"
and all I could say was, "Hiiii, I'm shy!!!!" tapos the phone was back to Ate,
and she was pretending to talk to Jujiin, like, "O Juj, say hi!!!"
and I was like, "Weeeeeeeh!!!!" and then she said,
"We're all here!!! We're having dinner together!!!"
I said to Ate, "Ateeee, Jujiin tweeted me!!!!"
Tapos she said, "I know!!!"
Then I said, "Eh what do I reply??????"
 And she said, "Tell him, have a nice dinner!!!"
And then I shouted, "Eh hindi niyo naman siya kasama eh!!!!"
Tapos Ate laughed a lot and told me to reply with a smiley face nalang.
Tapos we said bye na, tapos nastress ako. =))

When I put down the phone na, I tweeted Jujiin back na...
With a smiley face like Ate said =))))

So yes, I was still talking to Ina that whole time, and this is
what she concluded:

 Hay nako, Ateeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))