Saturday, November 10, 2012

I love you Ana!

Okay. So this all started when I got a text a while ago, and it said:

So I was like:

Tapos biglang they said:

It made sense that Ate was with them
kasi how else would they get my number, diba?
So I replied and said:

Eh at that time I was also talking to my friend Ina on Facebook,
and Ina wanted me to tell them she loved them too, so I added:

The reply I got was:

Okay, so it made sense that Jeroen was with Ate
who were both with Ryan and Garovs, right?
So I said:

And then they said:

At this point I was like WEEEEEEEEH no way na yan!!!
I concluded that Ate was trying to tease me again, so I said:

Then they made pahabol a thank you to Ina
(Who is very happy to have gotten to say I love you to them!)

For some reason, Ate always replies to tweets faster than texts,
so I tweeted her and she replied:

Tapos she tweeted again:

Eh I still didn't believe that Jujiin was there so I was like:

Tapos Jujiin tweeted them back saying:

So I was sure na Jujiin wasn't with them na, but everything was still so funny
and I was telling Ina everything while it was happening,
kaya she tweeted:


While talking to Ina, I got another tweet and it said:

Tapos I was freaking out kasiiii kasiiiii kasiii
I didn't know what to reply!!!! =))))))))))
So hindi ko na kinaya, I got my phone and I called Ate.

She answered laughing, then right when I was in the middleof saying, "Ateeeeeeeee!!!!"
she gave the phone to Ryan, and he said, "Hi Ana! Thank you!"
and all I could say was, "Hiiii, I'm shy!!!!" tapos the phone was back to Ate,
and she was pretending to talk to Jujiin, like, "O Juj, say hi!!!"
and I was like, "Weeeeeeeh!!!!" and then she said,
"We're all here!!! We're having dinner together!!!"
I said to Ate, "Ateeee, Jujiin tweeted me!!!!"
Tapos she said, "I know!!!"
Then I said, "Eh what do I reply??????"
 And she said, "Tell him, have a nice dinner!!!"
And then I shouted, "Eh hindi niyo naman siya kasama eh!!!!"
Tapos Ate laughed a lot and told me to reply with a smiley face nalang.
Tapos we said bye na, tapos nastress ako. =))

When I put down the phone na, I tweeted Jujiin back na...
With a smiley face like Ate said =))))

So yes, I was still talking to Ina that whole time, and this is
what she concluded:

 Hay nako, Ateeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))