Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dad's Birthday 2012, Part II

Instead of having a band singing this year,
Kuya Dennis sang with other Kundirana alumni.
Tito Ed looks confused over there at the left hahahaha

Yiiie may arm raising event pa! :-))

Yiiiiiie Kuya!!! Hahaha and since I got this picture...

Jeroen sang also

And Tracy sang also

And Ana sang also. Lol

Uncle Lawrence, Dad's friend Michael Kuhrer (did I spell this right?) and Tito Philip

Ay? Whay is there a camera in Ate Diday's face

Cuuute! Christian and Ate Diday

And since I never have a picture with Ate,
I spent the night forcing her to take pictures with me

Yiiiiie! Hahaha ever since I moved to Blogspot,
Ate hasn't been looking at my blog that often so hopefully
she doesn't ask me to take this down :-))

Ate and Ana's shoes

That's Chame, my sister in law, and her parents

Jeroen and Kuya Manolo

Shoe picture!
Mickey, Ate, and Ana

Tisha and Daffy
(Ate Diday's head is there lol)


Hehehehehe more pictures with Ate

Ate said that this mirror was nice
(Ang vain namin, alam ko)

Jeroen taking a picture of us taking a picture of him

Cute group picture thanks to Ate

I don't know which one I like more so I am posting both

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