Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dad's Birthday 2012, Part III

Meet the Gift Room!
(Well, we call it the Gift Room because all it was used
for last night was as a place to put Dad's gifts until the party was over)

Ang cute ni Christian kasi he slipped and fell and was shy to get back
up because we all saw him fall. :-)) That's Ate trying to make him stand up na

My job that night was to collect pictures of Christian with everyone
(I only got to ask Mr. Alan-dude because I can talk to him normally -
Si Ate kasi eh - she didn't want to help me out! Sabi niya,
"Ikaw na bahala!!! You're charming naman eh charm everyone!!!")

Kuya Leo and Tita Sylvia (Dad, did I spell this right?)

Mr. Alan-dude was wearing a cute Bape shirt!!
(Okay by now you guys probably already know that I love camouflage)

I got a picture with Tito Greg!
(He is so cool that I had to look for glasses like his, okay.
And he helps me out with a lot of my homework because
I do not know anything about advertising)

Manny and Manny

These are my siblings
That's Ate Diday, Kuya Manolo, Ate, Jeroen, and Kuya Leo

Jeroen and Kuya Leo (I see Mom there at the back - look o!)


Christian is too cute forever and ever and ever

The younger ones were bored last night -
They're turning out to be more and more like us older kids.
They ended up burning plants in the candles too

Tita Evelyn, (Uhhh I know Miko knows her), Lisa, Uncle Jimmy, Tito Philip, Uncle Lawrence

Dad, this was funny!
When I asked to take their picture, Uncle Jimmy was
sticking a bread stick on Tito Philip's head. :-))
Tito Philip got annoyed and pushed Uncle Jimmy's hand away
 before I could take the picture! (Nasayangan ako)

The following pictures happened because we found the colorful lights:
1. Mickey, I'm sorry your nose disappeared

2. Tracy, you told me you wanted this as a profile picture

3. Uncle Lawrence pulled me over and asked me,
"Anette, do you sleep with those earrings on???"
Hehe those spiky earring are from Tisha and I love them

Ate and Ana

Ana: "Can I take your picture?"
Jeroen: "Agaaaaain???"
Ana: "Yes!"

Kuya Manolo and Yogi (Yogi is Mickey and Daffy's youngest brother)
Gets niyo na ba? 1. Mickey Mouse 2. Daffy Duck 3. Yogi Bear

The last part of the night (After eating, after taking pictures, after
walking around, after dessert, after making chika random people)
was spent in the Gift Room because we were bored

Exhibit A:
Tracy: "Anette take my picture on the chair!"

Exhibit B:
Ana: "Tracy!!! Take my picture on the chair also!!!"
(Yes, I turned my rosary into a mustache in the second shot)

Exhibit C:
Tracy is sticking her tongue out again

Exhibit D:
Photo cannot even be explained because it really does not make any sense

Exhibit D:
Random things in the room at the time

Exhibit E:
Ana trying to be a multo
(I really wanted to go as Jesus this Halloween, but
there was no time and no place to go trick or treating.
Jesus never happened. :-( Maybe next year)

When we finally got home, me and Dad did what we always dooo
Dad sits with me in the living room and lets me open his gifts
I have to first tell him who the gift is from, then I get to open it

Dad likes to keep people's cards in the gifts after we
open them so he remembers who gave him what.

Aaaand winning wrapping paper goes to.... Tito Buddy!
(I want to wrap things with this paper, ok)

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