Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dad's Birthday 2012, Part I

I had a busy day yesterday! Since October 31 wasn't declared a holiday,
it meant I had to go to school on Dad's birthday.

I had a 6-9 class last night, and thankfully my teacher let me leave at around 8
so I could go to Dad's dinner. This year wasn't spent at White Space because
it was already reserved by someone else, so they went around looking for
a new place to celebrate in, and they found this house in Makati.
(I have no idea what the place is called, but it is pretty)

I was probably the latest guest. When I got there, the gang was already
done with their dinner. This was Mickey last night when he went with
me to get some lechon (The lechon was yummy, kasi gusto ko lang sabihin.)

Tisha and Daffy - who both planned to wear white last night

Cutie Christian - Who was apparently styled by Markus,
his older brother! You might not see it but he's wearing a bowtie!
(His face is like that because the water he was drinking was too cold)

Christian and Ninang!
Christian has one of the happiest smiles I've ever seen.
(You will see more of it in the next posts)

Tisha was still taller than me as usual.
She was wearing these really high heels
(They looked like they were 5 inches tall ok)

I was wearing the magical shoes Ate gave me a few Sundays back
(You probably saw my post where I said I wanted to wear them to Dad's party)

Tracy - who can never not make a face when she sees a camera.
Her automatic response to the word, "Picture!!!" is to stick her tongue out

Daffy, Ana, and Tisha!
I'm in the middle because:
1. I am short, so it works, and;
2. Para white - black - white (Ngek)

I love these!!! These were our only pictures with the birthday celebrant this year.
(Check out my face in the photo on the right - Muahahaha)

CUTE CUTE CUUUTE Christian was Tisha's date for the night

I felt a little bit better when I stood next to Mickey.
 I realized that I wasn't the shortest one that night.

Mickey and Daffy (Bakit masmaliit yung kuya?)

Tess and Ana (Bakit masmaliit yung Tita... Grr)

Hi hello wat

This is Ana and Mickey pretending to have a really
meaningful conversation (with feelings)


  1. LOL @ last picture!
    And cuteeeee Christian!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DAD + laki na ni Christian (tagal mo na kasi di nagbloblog)