Monday, July 22, 2013

My website's up!

Okay I have been worrying about a decent portfolio website for a while now, 
because the last one I made was pure HTML (and purely for portfolio class in school, haha) 
and when I checked back on it recently, a lot of codes were broken. 
I got scared thinking that people who were thinking about hiring me would
 be seeing the broken links so I decided to kill my whole site and remake it into a whole new thing.

I gave up on coding on pure HTML na rin, and looked for a nice Wordpress theme - 
Fast forward to editing and editing the theme I got, and now I think I'm finally happy with it.
(Happy enough to share with the world jhgdsjhdjs)

I still feel weird about the logo though... But I guess this will do for now.
Just click my face to see it!