Thursday, October 24, 2013

NY: Day Five

Ang haba ng Day Five.

The night of Day Four, my mom + Ate Diday traded rooms with me
because their aircon wasn't working. (I already said that my mom
needs for the temperature to be at 16 degrees, so a broken aircon was a no-no)

It was a win-win situation though, because this was the room
I really wanted!!!

Had to dress up extra early that day because Ate Diday ordered
some groceries online and she didn't my help bringing everything
upstairs when the orders arrived.

French fries!!!

The lobby called us up at around 10am, so we went down to get our stuff.

There was a bag of frozen peas that didn't belong to us
and we didn't know what to do with it...

On other news, I organized all of the shopping bags we used so that we could
use them to wrap the steaks that Ate Diday and Kuya Dennis got from Costco

And theeeen, it was off to brunch. (Kuya Dennis is posing and Ate Diday doesn't get it)

He looks like an ad for whatever it is he's drinking

In the cab on the way to Sarabeth's, I took out all my coins and asked what I should do with them.
(I don't use my coins because I haven't gotten the hang of understanding
what a penny or a dime looks like and it would take me years to pay for something)
ANA: What do I do with these coins?
KUYA DENNIS: Ibigay mo kay Jackie Chan.

He was referring to this guy, who yes, is not Jackie Chan at all.
We'd been laughing about this video since we arrived in New York,
because it's always what they show first when you get on a Cathay flight.

We had two kinds of omelets at Sarabeth's, then I got out my pen and drew
this on our table (I love paper table covers)

Kuya Dennis went his own way and Ate Diday promised to take me to SoHo,
so we got in the first cab we saw.

CAB DRIVER: Ok sit here I just need to go to the bathroom

HE WAS NOT KIDDING - He disappeared for the next ten minutes.
We found it so funny that I had to draw it right that second

Yes guys, he came back. He drove us (pretty recklessly) to SoHo
and as usual, the first stop is Urban Outfitters!!! Hay naku the place I love the most

We didn't get to explore SoHo that much because it was already lunch time
and Mom was expecting us, so we got in a cab and look!
We found a whole street full of bead shops! My mom would have freaked out if she was there

We were pretty unlucky with the cab drivers we got that day... The one that took
us back to the hotel was giving another car the finger for getting in the way

Got Mom at the hotel and then walked to place-I-can't-remember
where Kuya Dennis, Ate Diday and I barely ate because we were still full from brunch.

Kuya Dennis was making me pick between space, a battleship, or history.
I chose battleship, so he said he would take me to the Intrepid Museum.

For some random reason he suddenly wanted to go there
through the subway, and he was very decided about it,
so I just followed him :-))

 "Tara, magsubway tayo!!!"

I took this while he was trying to understand the map
so we would know which train to take.

He didn't understand the map.

"... Cab nalang."

Lol we were down there at the subway station for around 3 minutes total


That's Matt, our tour guide

Look at this super sad edit I did hahahaha -
Guess where I stitched up the two photos!!!

These two materials can absorb really high temperatures, and
were used to cover Enterprise! We got to touch them!

Matt showing us a photo of a lady with that same material on her face
with a blowtorch on the other side

Tiny space shuttle for three people
(This was safer than Enterprise though, he said!)

Here's another photo of Enterprise. It was huuuge

On top of Intrepid, there were a lot of fighter planes

But this was the COOLEST.
It's called the Blackbird and I want it

There were a million more things in Intrepid but I don't want to talk about it anymore.
When we were done, we couldn't find a cab, so we decided to walk until we did.

That lady on the right shouted "Hey!" right after I passed by her and took her photo.
I thought she would get super enggry, but when I looked back at her,
she said, "I like your shoes!!!"

Ay! And a pigeon was crossing the road
(Apparently it knows how to follow the stoplight)

I found a crispy leaf!
I love stepping on these.
(Hallo Carlos :-h)

Blah blah blah can't remember what I had for dinner fast forward to after that -
WE WERE GOING TO WATCH ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad made me watch Annie when I was a kid and I super loved it
and I loved the songs and I was so excited to see it as a musical
and the little girl was so cute and THERE WAS REALLY A DOG
and Kuya Dennis was sleeping during the play!

Bawal magpicture inside the theater, ok?

Walked to a Duane Reade because the brothers were hungry

And theeeeen back to the hotel
Bryant Park was my sign that the hotel was near, ok

Monday, October 21, 2013

NY: Day Four

Yay red Chucks YAY!
I actually had a pair of red high cuts before
but I gave it away (Nyare, Ana?)

Hemingway, Day Four was Shake Shack day!!!
That is my mother lovingly looking at a pretzel stand...


What happened in Shake Shack:
2.) Mom and Kuya Dennis got their orders switched
3.) Mom didn't tell Kuya Dennis about it because she was enjoying Kuya's burger
4.) Kuya Dennis still forced her to give him back half his burger
5.) Kuya Manolo did not care

When we finished eating our (BEST EVER I COULD EAT IT EVERY DAY) meal,
it started to rain. Ate Diday and Mom shared an umbrella as we crossed the street.

Kuya Dennis and I got so bored trapped inside Best Buy (where we ended up when the rain started to get worse) that he just randomly decided that we go to MoMA and be stranded there instead.

He ran out into the street to wave a cab over and we got in!
Lalalalala on the way to MoMA lalalalalalalalalala

One thing Kuya Dennis and Ate Diday have in common - 
they like to prepare their money before we get to our destination

Guys bata pa ang fezz ko - I got in as a student

This was one of the first artworks I saw at MoMA 
and it reminded me of EWWS and their love for Andy Warhol :-))

I was next to the legit The Starry Night ok.
By the way, right before Kuya Dennis took this photo of me, 
a random Chinese guy handed me his camera and was motioning for
me to take a photo of him with the painting. Medj funny

The Picasso stuff
(which I still have a hard time understanding. I like Da Vinci a lot more)

HARTDS2, isdatchu???
(Grabe I thought the last time I'd be seeing paintings like this would be in
my professor's powerpoint presentation ten million terms ago)

This was the painting that Kuya Dennis was enggry at.

KUYA DENNIS: I really don't understand paintings like this.
I can do that tonight eh!!!

There was a whole room for Monet's Water Lilies
(Na hindi ko rin feel...)

Mondrian aka Brother's Burger wrappers!

These next two paintings remind me of one of my favorite
professors in school - Sir Ian Quirante! Super influence niya 'to, I bet!

Ana in MoMA!

Surrealism stuff that I didn't understand but were very cute

(This one though - what a cute idea, right????????????)

There was one whole room full of these L-shaped paintings in different variations
(Hindi ko na naman gets pero they're nice to look at)

Didn't like a lot of stuff at the Photography section but these were nice



Cute ideaaaa

I stole a photo of someone again

They were listening to the sound exhibit
(Every speaker was supposed to have a different sound)

The newest art was at the lowest floor

This sculpture's made of cow parts

We were pretty tired by the time we finished the exhibit,
but we still decided to walk back to the hotel.

We passed by this pretty church
(Literal na passed by lang ha, I didn't go in or anything hahaha)

Back at the hotel, Mom was already planning to order room service
because she didn't want to eat out. Eh we were tired too (at least I was)
so we decided to stay and have room service also.

While waiting, Ate Diday showed me a five dollar bill she got as change that day.

Oh, and Kuya Manolo was too busy playing Yahtzee (ata) on his phone
kaya he didn't realize he was squishing Ate Diday's lamb skin bag.

Eh a few minutes later, Ate Diday started looking for it,
so this happened. (If you can't read it, that's Ate Diday shouting, "HOY PUTANGINA!!!")

As usual, wherever Mom is, the temperature will be at around 16 degrees.
I wouldn't have survived without this blanket

Eh the doorbell rang because dinner was there na, and no one was getting up to
open the door, kaya I had to do it looking like a nun