Sunday, September 2, 2012

So I had another date with Dad

Hello! The finals are finally over!
(This means I can blog now.)

Before the girls got back from the States, I had another date with Dad!

But first: Korra being fat + a new super long skirt yehey

Okay I don't know how to introduce Rita, but I will try.
It can go two ways: 1. Rita, my Ate's friend, invited me to a gallery showing in Makati
or 2. Rita, my mom's best friend's daughter, invited me to a gallery showing in Makati
(Either way it works, so I will just continue the story)

So ayun nga, she invited me to a gallery showing and she said I should really go because
 Maria's painting is there (I have never met Maria) + she thought I'd like the other stuff.

So I asked Dad if he wanted to go with me, and he said yes!
On the day of the showing, I went to Dad's office so I could ride with him nalang.
Mr. Alan-dude was there and he went with us. This is him texting. :-)

The exhibit was at a place called Silverlens Gallery, and these were the ones that I liked:

1. I am the idiot who did not get this artist's name, but I liked the paintings. :-(

2. When I was in grade school, my friend Anne introduced me to The Late Isabel.
They were a band that was fronted by Wawi Navarroza. I told my Ate about them,
and I found out na friends pala sila. :-| For my birthday that year, my Ate got
me a signed photo of her (Yes I still have it but it is in the old house)
Hemingway, years later, I found her art at the gallery :-))

3. Was not able to get a name for these again, but they're amazing.
Nakakastress. When Rita was showing me these pieces she told me that the person
who made it was using a tiny, tiny cutter to make all those shapes

Hindi ka ba nastre-stress?
The details scare me - kind of like that bubble wrap painting at the Pinto Gallery in Antipolo.
 I will never understand how they take the time to do all that and not go insane. :-))

4. There was a banana peel on the ground! I did not understand this at all, but it was cute!

5. Okay - so when I saw this one, the style was suuuuuper familiar.
Rewind to two years ago (here) and look for my favorite artworks from Manila Art 2010.
Yes, same artist! I knew it - this was by Christina Dy!
(Pero masmaganda yung mga drawing nung Manila Art kesa dito)

But her stuff still has all the nice detail that I like!
I love how she draws the fold in the arms and how her lines are so clean and manipis
and everything's simple and she just uses a pencil but everything's so
ugh. Yoko na mag-explain basta I love her stuff

5. I think this is the biggest painting I've ever seen up close.
Maybe the Spolarium was bigger than this but I am not really sure because the last time
I saw the Spolarium was when I was in second grade and that was a loooooong time ago. :-/

Anyway, this is the magical wall by Maria Taniguchi! It's sooo big

To prove my point

See? As in it's like you'd need two Alans or two Anas to be as tall as the painting

Up close, it looks like this - and again - the amount of time and effort
it took to finish this scares me! Rita was telling me that she had no living room for
four months because Maria was using the space for painting :-))

That's me, Rita, and Maria (Who I finally met + I'm sorry I was shy!!! fjhgj)

After walking around the whole gallery, Dad said he was hungry so we left.

Good byeeee Silverlensss

And right when I left, Rita texted me this:
:-))))) Dad if you're reading this, then I hope you are laughing!
You are uber cool!!! :-))

 We ended up at Stella at High Street.
I regret ordering this pizza. It said "Anchovies and Olives", so I thought it would be just that.
There was so much leek in that pizza, I do not understand.
Why did it not say "Anchovies, Olives, and A LOT OF LEEK" on the menu nalang?
 Hindi ako na-inform.

Mrs. Alan-dude joined us for dinner!
(And Dad... I can't remember the name of the guy in red...)
... But he joined us too!

I was waiting for dessert when I took this

Mrs. Alan-dude aka Tita Lani aka Ate Lani (I do not know what to call her,)
thank you for offering to take my picture under the street light before we left :-))
And and and and Rita aka Ate Rita aka Tita Rita (I don't know what to call her either,)
thank you so much for inviting me/us!!! 


  1. Your skirt is just magical!!!!!

  2. Ana. I love your skirt. :D And I would love to see Korra again. :> Haha. And I like the artworks! So awesome.

  3. I'm a fan and as usual you are amazing :)


    1. !!!!! I can get you one, yes!!! But but you have to come over so we can fix everything (sizes shipping etc etc)

    2. Ina, I checked the site again and it's not there anymore! :-(

    3. sadpeys

      nakawin ko nalang sayo tas lawayin ko 5ever

  5. just wondering, alan cayetano and the wife always figure in your posts. are you related? or is he your dad's pet? curious lang ha. i am a fan and always in awe of your drawings.

    1. Hi, they're always in my posts because everyone is friends with each other - parang ang harsh naman nung term na pet, haha! Please don't use that nalang. It sounds a bit derogatory kasi. :-)

      Thank you so much! :-)

    2. I find Mr. Alan so cooool!

  6. Hi,

    Your skirt is adkjas;lkjdasldas !!! adja;skljda;l !!!
    Could share the link or any info as to where I could purchase one?

    a;kdjasdkjas !!!

    1. :-( I checked back for it but it's not on the site anymore. :-/ Maybe you can find something else you like? :-)

  7. Hi Ana! Have you read Rogue September 2012? Maria of Magical wall is featured there :) I knew her because of your blog :) Your Ate have lots of Rogue issue :)

    1. Oops! I will go check! I DO have a copy pero I only read the one part with Ate in it =))

  8. ana, is your dad a politician?

  9. hello!! na curious lang. sa house mo ba yung 1st pictures??

    1. Nope, hindi na ako nakatira sa house. It's the lobby of the condo :-)

    2. ohh, ur living independently na? buti pinayagan ka :)

    3. ah condo pala un. para kasing house since ung katabing lot is vacantand parang madamo hahahaha

    4. Haha! No I am not allowed! I live with the parents

  10. oh! you and your parents live in a condo na? or renovating the house lang?