Thursday, August 22, 2013

NY: (Not quite) Day One

Hiii! This is the story of how I went to New York.
(Lol yes this entry is about the journey there! Hahaha
it won't be pointless, I promise. Some really funny things happened)

Standing on the baggage weighing scale - this is not allowed pls wag tularan.
I took this when we were fixing our tickets to Hong Kong.

I didn't take any photos at the lounge, but this did happen there...
MOM: 'Day, may tsismis ako sa'yo mamaya.
ATE DIDAY: Sige, mamaya sa lounge.
ANA: Can I know the tsismis?
MOM: No, Anette. It's about sex. 

Took a photo of the guy in the seat next to me

When we landed in Hong Kong, we had to go through inspection before 
we could go to the next lounge (which was my plan) or go shopping 
(this was Ate Diday and Mom's plan, duh) tapos Kuya Manolo called me and said:

Merienda at the Cathay lounge

I had noodles from the Noodle Bar! (Hi Trachea, I remembered you!)

When Ate Diday and Mom left to go shopping, I moved into an
emo spot at the lounge (I have a photo of that on my LJ blog, except it's gone now!)
and had an ice cream while talking to Kimpoi and Carlos on Viber.

Walking to the plane..............................................................

For a 14-hour flight, always have a comfortable shirt to sleep in.
This polo is not that shirt.

This is that shirt! 

The plane pretends it's night time so that people go to sleep!
I was busy watching a bunch of movies and shows -
and when I actually wanted to sleep na, the plane started shaking
and I thought we were going to die :-| I was just lying there
 wishing for the shaking to calm down huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

Fast forward to New York! We were in line for whatever it is you have to do
when you get to a new country - I have no idea what it is called
but it involves showing your passport and giving your finger prints. That is not
the point here, because the point is

Huhuhuhu I love him

(Thank you, Google #1)

Ate Diday had a driver pick us up, and I got to ride shotgun!

Fast forward again - chenen! This is the lobby of our hotel.

This is us on the way up to our floor.

The guy who checked us in was also the guy who brought our bags up to our rooms.
While he was moving our luggage, he asked me if I wanted a fun fact.

Yes, as in this guy.

(Thank you, Google #2)

Now, I haven't been back to New York for quite a while
(Quite a while = 16 years), so nothing looked familiar to me.

The restaurant at the lobby of our hotel was closed and they wanted to eat dinner,
so we walked around a bit. Our hotel is right in front of the Public Library, by the way!

We turned at the corner and ended up at Bryant Park where we found
a restaurant, so we decided to eat there (read: gutomy abwell)

And that's pretty much it for the On-the-way-there-because-I-don't-count-it-as-a-day post!


  1. Yay, a blog update from you!

    Anyways, the last time I was in New York was 20 years ago. So if I go there now, I'd be like a lost puppy O_O hahaha

  2. bentang bv yung drawings mo tae

    1. I miss you wanna see you have a story for you

  3. I am SO glad you're blogging again. I SUPER missed you ;)

    1. HIIIIIIII HELLO oh ehm I disappeared for quite a while again =)))