Monday, February 3, 2014

SG Feb '14: Day One

Also known as the day I lost my luggage for the first time in my life.

I saw a man and his Pikachu waiting in line at the airport.

Dad and Mom saw a friend that (sounded like) they hadn't seen each other in a while.
(What's her name again, Dad?) She was on her way to Singapore to visit her daughter.

Yiiie, kilig! Joke lang I actually didn't know what they were talking about when I took this

I was seated all by myself! Hehehe my dad took this.
Check out the man behind me, I have a story including him later.

I watched the last few parts of Rush on the plane.
(I found out that it was the last part too late. Like. When the credits rolled.
Now I kinda don't wanna watch from the start anymore, because I totally know the ending.)

After Rush ended, I found out that they were showing Metro Manila
on the plane and I freaked because I finally had a chance to watch it.

When the film was over, I looked like this until the credits ended:

Ayan, speaking of the man behind me - he already smiled at me the moment
I got to my seat so my first guess was that he was a pretty nice guy.

I wanted to take his picture but I was a tiny bit nervous so I was thinking how I would do it.
The captain's voice sounded on the P.A. saying that we were going to land soon,
and I got scared that I would never get a chance to take his photo so I got up on my chair,
faced him, and waved hello! He was reading a book on his iPad so he didn't notice at first,
but when he did, our conversation went a little bit like:

ANA: Hello!
MAN: Hi!
ANA: I was wondering, could I take your photo?
MAN: (laughs) But I'm an old man!
ANA: No no no!
MAN: Why would you want to?
ANA: I just do!
MAN: All right, sure. What's this for?
ANA: ... So I can keep it?

ANA = psycho. But he was really nice so he still let me.


We landed in Singapore and I waved at the man to say goodbye,
and then we headed straight for immigration.
I took a while longer than my parents because I got on a slow line,
so Dad went ahead and got our bags for us.

By the time we reached him, we only needed one piece of luggage left to get.
We found it and walked towards the exit to find the guy who was going to pick us up.

We found him, and he was putting our stuff in the car when
Mom asked the best question in the world when she saw my supposed suitcase -
"Bag mo ba yan???" Both Dad and I looked and realized THE BAG WASN'T MINE

I ran back into the airport with the wrong bag and began asking whoever I saw
where I should go if I picked up the wrong luggage. We got to the information counter
and they filled up a form for me but told me that it would take around 10 - 15 minutes
before security came around to help.

During those 10 - 15 minutes, Dad got a call from Ate Diday asking if I had lost my bag.
No guys, Ate Diday wasn't having a psychic moment. Turns out the guy whose bag I got was Ate Diday's employee, and she had sold him a bag that looked exactly like mine!

When mine was the only purple bag he saw on the carousel, he assumed that I
(whoever I was at the time) had gotten the one he owned, so he asked to find out
my name. When he found out my name was Ana Zamora, he went ahead
and called Ate Diday to ask if she was related to me and she said yes and
that was how Ate Diday got me and the guy to meet and exchange bags without
having to go through all the airport paperwork!!!

Arrived at the hotel at around 6:30pm and rested till 7:00pm.
Ate Diday, Miko, and Tracy arrived and we all had dinner at
Mezza9. (The restaurant IS on the mezzanine floor of the hotel,
but I am still trying to understand why they put "9" in the name instead)

The rest of the team (Kuya Leo, Tisha, Mickey, and Daffy) arrived at 9-ish.

I went with Miko + Tracy + their parents to Miko's new place so we could
build stuff they got from Ikea. This is Kuya Leo on the bus:

Miko's new place is awesome! Plus I found this on his desk.
Yiiiie, Carlos look! Miko framed his photo with us! Kiligin ka pls.


Stuff like this is so fun for me you don't even understand.
I love building things omg I have two Gundams and I LOVE Nanoblocks k

That night, Miko and I built 4 side tables and one shoe rack.
We also placed the carpet in front of his couch!


  1. YAY Waiting for the universal studios tour

  2. 9=nine

    1. I know, I am not an idiot, just saying that 9 has nothing to do with mezzanine other than the "nine" part. I was wondering if there was any deeper meaning to it, like if they had 9 cuisines or something kaya naging Mezza9. Hay

  3. i also love nanoblocks! 😊