Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clean your cameras, people.

Some of you might have known that I've been taking pictures since 6th or 7th grade.
I might have explained that on some blog post on LJ or something.

Last Saturday, I was with Carlos checking out the church where his 
sister is about to get married in, and he was talking about this new lens he got
and how magically wonderfully clean it was. It pretty much dawned on me that in
all the years I have ever had camera/s, I have not once tried to clean any of them, 
save for some t-shirt on lens action (which I know is a disgrace, I'm sorry!)

He laughed at me and reminded me that he gave me a cleaning kit 
along with a tiny flash diffuser he got me a while back. I started freaking out 
and asked him how to use whatever was in the kit he gave me so that I could
begin my new camera-cleaning life once I got home.

 Aaaand here is what you'll need:


1. Cleaning fluid - This is for cleaning all kinds of optical glass surfaces (aka your lens, duh)
2. Lens cleaning tissue - If you are like me and you enjoy being obsessive when putting a screen protector on your phone or your tablet or what have you, you would know that DUST IS EVIL. Dust causes those annoying bubbles under the screen protectors (and also ruins your camera's photos if you don't get to take them out!) Hemingway, that is why these lint-free cleaning tissues exist
3. Cleaning cloth - I like this thing because I get to use it when I'm sick of seeing my own fingerprints on my camera. My fingerprints will reappear though, I know. But that just means I get to wipe them off again!
4. Blower brush - There are very sensitive parts inside a camera that cannot make contact with any other thing, so this blower will make all that annoying dust go fly in some other direction (Yay! I hate you, dust!)
5. Cotton tips - For those very hard to reach nooks and crannies, and to clean your ears.

Ayon, that's pretty much it.

When I got home that day, I set up a table and a lamp in my room ready
to clean everything, but then when I turned on the light, I could suddenly see all the 
annoying dust floating around and  I got scared to open my camera. :-(

I hate dust! It causes asthma, it causes things to be grey if not wiped off on a daily basis,
it causes permanent bubbles on screen protectors, and hangs out in your camera and puts weird
dots on your photos!!! (But I love those dust bunnies in Hayao Miyazaki movies.)

The end

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