Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013


Last Christmas, (I gave you my heart) ops super baduy joke sorry.
Last Christmas, we mostly celebrated in our room
(Which is why most of the photos were taken in there)

Following two photos were taken and directed by Ate:

1. "Ana, you lie down on the bed. Mickey, move next to Tracy. Okay, now smile."

2. "Now laugh with your heads back!"

For some reason gift-opening came waaaay before midnight.
Ate got me strawberry shorts and a lot more cute things,
and Kuya Manolo got me a lamp I could draw on!!!

Miko taught Christian how to do a flip (with the help of his shoulder)

You can never separate these two.

So I just make buntot all the time

How the room looked after the opening of gifts

Merry Christmas to my favorite yaya!!!

"Grabe ang ganda talaga ng homicidal dog na yan."
- Dad on Simba

Hanging out with Jesus and Christian
(Happy Birthday, man!!!)

Christian in his kung fu attire (aka ribbon on his forehead) telling me to help him get up

Christian crying to Ate after one of the kids stole his kung fu attire

Mickey being a serious Indian.
Don't the shadows on his face look like Indian facepaint?

I ran out of space on the bed.

Christian after getting over his missing kung fu attire.
Christian deciding that he would be part of our army instead.
Christian ordering us to get up and start a war with the other kids.


  1. 1. Telenovela pictures
    2. I MISS BEL
    3. "homicidal dog"
    4. pero ikaw yung mukhang homicidal dun sa picture mo with Jesus and Christian

    1. 1. I should make up some title for that photo too....
      2. Bel misses you back! Wru ba!!!
      3. Yes, he was not wrong in saying that. Simba has bitten quite a number of people ^___^
      4. Well. I like being the father.