Monday, January 13, 2014

Dad's Birthday 2013

It feels great to be able to post entries that aren't about New York!!!
I've been stuck on that Day Six + Day Seven entry for such a long time eh!

We were back at White Space for Dad's birthday last year!
Here's Mickey with some Pink Berry. 
(This was the night that Tess developed an obsession
with their hazelnut flavored yogurt)

Us kids had to stay at a table outside,
so we killed time by taking shots like this 
until they called us for dinner time.
(also known as boredom strikes part one)

Pink Berry is yummy guys, go try some.
(Tess recommends the chocolate crunch topping.
She swears that it is to die for.)

Mickey, Daffy, and Tess wanted a photo with Mr. Alan-dude and Mr. Manny Villar

Kuya Dennis sang with Lee Grane (LEE GRANE!!!!!!!)

But she also sang alone and it was super nice as usual!!!

Boredom strikes part two - trying to recreate a Pinoy teleserye poster
while waiting for the lechon to re-appear at the buffet area.

(I wanted to post a photo of my parents being all cuddly here, but Dad told me not to)

This is Tito Mau, one of the cutest lolos I have ever met.
He likes taking and editing pictures and giving them as gifts.
He's also super kaduper nice and cuuuuuuute

Kuya Dennis sang with Mayor Lani + Lino helping set up the mic

Ate and her cat ears

Chame and Ate Diday

Yay family picture!!!

Boredom strikes part three - Pretending to raise lighters like people do at concerts 
+ being a super dramatic piano player

Tess + Kuya Lino (Omg I feel really weird about this I still don't know how to address
him cos saying "Kuya" feels weird but just saying Lino seems a little disrespectful :-)) )

Miko is missing!

I introduced Carlos to (the awesome and super cool) Tito Greg that night.
When Mickey took this, Tito Greg was telling me that my shoes were cool
and I was telling him that his shoes were cooler.

Tito Greg discussing what to do in life after graduation, lol

Dad sang a song for Mom! Yihee!

It's been years, but I still haven't given up trying to ask Ate for a picture 
and having her cooperate with me.

Jeroen and Kuya Dennis

Put a heart between Kuya Lino and Fille because they got married recently CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Went home and opened Dad's gifts as usual

Super cute cos I found a gift from Dad's two secretaries and his long-time driver, Eddie.
So cute, 'no? They all pitched in to get him some chocolates I love them huhuhuh!



  1. cute nung from the sec+driver huhuhuhuh naiyak ako (in my head)