Sunday, January 12, 2014

NY: Day Six + Day Seven

Oops. Super late again with the blog posts.
Work has been making me not want to post anything
and just go to sleep every chance I get - but I was feeling very relaxed today, so tah dah!
The New York posts will finally end today!

On Day Six (aka the last day there), I didn't feel like going out anymore
so I asked to stay at the hotel until it was time for lunch.

Kuya Manolo did the same and went up to our room to come get me at around 11:30am,
then we got a cab and rode to Rockefeller Center, where we found out that the girls still
weren't done shopping. (Hay naku!!!) 

I said to Kuya Manolo that there wasn't anywhere I wanted to go so 
I just made buntot. He went to Lacoste and got a few shirts for himself 
and it was finally time for lunch around 30 minutes later.
(We shouldn't've left so early!!!)

Lunch was at the Rock Center Cafe where I ate really yummy leaves!

Kuya Dennis was showing off the coins that he was planning to give to Jackie Chan.
(Inside joke that happened a few posts before this one)

Passed by Brookstone because Mom was checking out some neck pillows.

I saw a Boogie Board there and remembered Carlos' lola, Abu, who would write down what she wanted to say on it because of a complication in her speech before she passed. I drew on the one I saw at the store cos I suddenly missed her! I was about to erase the drawing when the salesperson behind me said,
"No, leave it there, I like it!"

Spent the rest of the afternoon with Mom at the Center, and then went with 
Kuya Dennis to the sports store nearby so he could buy his daughter Maxine a pair of shoes.

Yay birds!

Mom didn't know where she wanted to eat for dinner, so we ended up at Bryant Park again.

It was cute this time though, because I accidentally dropped my knife on the floor,
and I guess the lady behind me thought that I was embarrassed about it so she
turned around to face me and said, "Oh, that happens to me aaaall the time!"

After bringing Mom back to the hotel, we left for Times Square because we were going to watch Romeo and Juliet (starring ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!!!) and we didn't want to be late.

Had some proper dinner at Shake Shack! 
(This place gets reaaaaaally full. When we bought our food we just
stood there waiting for a group of people to finish eating so we could get some seats,
 and we saw this Korean family who were just sitting there talking - no food anymore,
except for a lola munching on some fries. My siblings and I were planning
 on how to stare at them so they would get the message and leave,
 but nothing was working! Soon there were more people standing near us,
staring at the same family who STILL WASN'T GETTING UP!
Omg anyway finally they left and I had a great dinner)

Spot the minions, 'yo. I know how much people love them

Passed by M&M's World because Tisha wanted more pink ones to give away at her birthday.
(The bag of white ones ended up being Kuya Dennis' way to stay awake at the play that night)

That dad on the left was totally judging me.

Last night at Times Square!!! (Deep inside, yay. I can't be away from Manila 
for too long because I get homesick pretty easy! Lol)

Super long line for Romeo and Juliet because:
1. It was opening night


I know photos are not allowed, but the play was done anyway so I tried to snap one with my phone - the one shot I had failed miserably!!! (Pero Orlando Bloom's the one in black taking a bow there, in the middle. And I got to see him topless + ride a motorcycle around the stage so I guess it's ok)

Boys were hungry again so we stopped to get some food, again.
Now get this - We saw Maria Sharapova na naman. This time with her boylet, walking around
the Duane Reed near the hotel. Ate Diday and Kuya Dennis were both telling me AGAIN,
"KUHANAN MO NA!!!!" but I chickened out and regretted it the moment we began walking 
back to the hotel. I said to myself that if ever she passed by the lobby again I would ask na.

Fast forward to back at the hotel, and lo and behold, she DID pass by.
It went a little like this:
(Ana and Kuya Manolo standing outside the hotel)
(Maria + boylet are about to walk in)
ANA: Hi, may I take your picture?
MARIA: (Doesn't look at me) No sorry

And that was it. =)))))
Omg sobrang fail pero at least I tried? HAHAHA

Day Seven and all our bags are packed!
(I only own the purple Rimowa, the rest are Ate Diday's and Mom's)

Arranged Ate Diday's money because organization is good.

Same driver who took us to the hotel on the first night picked us up on our last day.
They told me to make sure not to make them ugly when I took their photo, lol.

Meet Gwapo-Guy-Who-Helped-Us-With-Our-Bags. 

The hotel gave us these when we left.
(This is what a pretty font looks like, okay? Learn, people!!!)

And then it was finally to go home!!!

The end


  1. all your pics are on private...

    1. Someone told me na! Unlocked 'em all!

    2. Huhu anna, cant view your pictures properly sa iphone! Wala sa tamang fit.. Sana yun na lang dating format.. Huhu

      But im sooo happy nag-blig ka na ulit.. :))))

    3. Awww maybe you can see them properly when you get to use a computer na??? Sorry!!!

  2. putangina ang gwapo ng bag helper dude

  3. bag helper is just amazing. thank you Lord for bag helpers.