Saturday, January 18, 2014

Zamora Reunion 2013

Last December, I was part of my very first family reunion - but this wasn't your
normal kind of just-have-lunch-together-then-go-home kind of thing - this reunion
took a looooong time to plan. We had a bunch of family dinners and meetings and
more meetings and more meetings until I just stopped going because I had too much work, haha.

The day finally came. We had to be there at 9am in our Zamora family shirts
(Omg yes we had color-coordinated shirts for each branch of the Zamora family ok)

Mom and I both wore sneakers

Was happy to get there and see so much lechon!

Lol, let me introduce Bebas Neue, my favorite go-to font for absolutely anything,
especially when I need a nice font for a project. It's clean and pretty and not the annoying kind of bold.

This is where the reunion happened (I am from Slytherin)

Sitting with my cousin Ysabel before everything started

Pammy's not looking lol.
Kamusta naman ang Zamora emblem on a shirt, 'yo.

Ate's cute fan

There was a part in the mass when we had to raise our thumbs to praise god or love or something.
AHAHAHAHA look at Miko's face AHAHA omg Ate was laughing a lot when she took this

Another funny part: They were flashing the lyrics of Little Drummer Boy...

Playing with my table napkin at mass

Kuya Leo asking for a photo with Tess

Lucky kids who were allowed to eat Mcdo at the reunion

On the way to the car because we got bored.
Exit reunion, enter Tisha's house.

Flabebe (Oh you know, just the Pokemon who caused a whole war)

Charmander my love

Tisha's ghetto nails

Was time to go back to the family because lunch was over and the program was about to start.
Exit Tisha's house, enter Megatent again!

Found my long lost far away cousin Jana (It was more of she found me, but anyway)
who I haven't seen in such a long time. We both went to
St. Paul, Pasig for school and were classmates in the 4th grade! :-)

Behind the stage area at the tent, there were exhibits of each branch (I am from the Tomas branch)
and when I looked to check for my name, I WAS NOT THERE. HOW DARE THEY
Hehe lol joke lang am not enggry

Kuya Dennis sang "I Will Be Here."
He said, "This song is dedicated to my beautiful mother."
Insert 3-second pause. "Si dad na rin nga."

When Kuya was singing, Mom got up from her seat and went to Dad, then sat on his lap!!!
(I obviously have a photo of this event, but as usual, I have been forbidden to show it)

It was so shocking that everyone started taking my parents' photo instead of my brother's,
who was still singing on stage at the time. :-)) (Sino kaya yang nandun sa likod?)

Left the tent again, but only to hang out in the car and get some aircon.

Video game break

We really do weird things when we're bored

This girl just got so bored she actually fell asleep

Went back inside the tent for the raffle, where Markus won a yoga lesson, then it was time to go!
(Omg ang dami guys)


  1. hi ana! what do you use to scribble on your photos? they're kyooot!

    1. Hi! I own a pen tablet! I just open the photos on Photoshop and write all over them! :-))

  2. I completely forgot you and Jana are distantly related omg

    1. Omg Ina gots to show you that photo of my parents k

  3. God bless Bebas Neue

  4. Your welcome...I'm the one who swapped luggages at changi..your ate diday's employee

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