Monday, March 2, 2015

SG April '14: Day 3 (Part 2)

April 19, 2014

Kinda more like Part "in between", pero bahala na.
These events happened between around 1:00pm and 5:30pm.....

I met up with Camille at Cineleisure, where she was having a quick lunch
at Mosburger. (Epal: My Ate is the only other person I know that's
been to Mosburger. She likes the shrimp there! Anyway back to my kwento) 

Our last trip to Singapore, Camille showed me a really nice Pentel brush pen 
that she let me use on her sketchbook tapos IT WAS SO NICE GUYS!!! 
Before that kasi I was using Unipins and it only stays at one thickness,
but the brush pen can make manipis and makapal lines and I feel like drawings 
feel more alive like that!!! Nainlove agad ako pero we didn't have time to 
get one anymore, kaya she told me she'd take me to an art shop when I came back. 

Elo Camille :-h From Cineleisure we went to Bugis Junction,
walked past some stores (We saw a circle-shaped mannequin and a
triangle-shaped mannequin. Okay wala lang)

We went out the other end and walked to a building she wanted to 
show me (Bras Basah Complex). I saw this sign on the way and parang -
Why have we never been here? Feeling ko nice there!

Hemingway - Bras Basah Complex has a bunch of book stores and 
art stores and cute stores (Aka wasteland. Please see definition of wasteland here.)

This is a photo I took in Basheer, a book store that specializes in design and art books.
  Artist friends, you're going to go insane here. I didn't buy anything when I was there
because I wanted to get everything (medyo exag pero gets) and couldn't choose.

Just looking through some of them is enough to get you inspired for
the next five months though, so visit them if you're in Singapore!!

This store naman is called Cat Socrates. Photos weren't allowed inside pero promise,
it's one of the cuter wastelands I've been to. There was a cat inside talaga, ha!
Camille and I spent quite a bit of time here because:
1. I couldn't decide on what I wanted again
2. I was waiting for the cat to wake up so I could pet it
(It was sleeping in a basket next to the cashier)
3. I was forcing Camille to get a cute red wallet with sumo
wrestlers on it (She didn't buy it in the end, but she DID
go back to get it the next day so medyo success ang
forcing ko. Medyo. :-)) )

We left Bras Basah Complex after my freak out tapos Camille
took me to Straits Commercial Art Co. (It was maybe a few
blocks away lang. Or was it across lang? Basta I don't remember
it being too far ok)

Finally got my own pen and a pack of extra ink cartridges!
Ahhhh ang ganda talaga guys (I think a lot of other people
heard about these pens before I did kaya sorry kung ang late
ko sa balita but woooow talaga ugh) Thank you Camille pls!!!

After that, we went back to the Bugis Junction area. Camille took me to a little
place across the mall where they sold teh peng, something I was curious about after
seeing her Facebook posts about it.

According to Wikipedia (Yes Dad, Wikipedia is an unreliable source - pero
I was lazy and it was the first link that came up on Google he he he), teh peng is
sweetened ice milk tea. The man who made it for us was making a kissy face.

This is what it looks like!

Naiinis si Camille kasi it wasn't sweet enough.

We had maybe an hour left before I had to head back to the hotel for dinner,
so we walked to the Bugis Street Market and Camille showed me around.

I saw a super tattooed girl (It looked like her whole back + legs were
covered in them) but I was too shy to ask her for a photo kaya I took one
nalang from behind-

They had an area with those love locks like in Korea and France.

Tapos there were animal keychains that stared into our souls

Accidental fashion pic of the day: Camille in Haji Lane (We went here after the market
kasi there was still time + I was helping her with a school assignment - nye he he)

Some tattoo place

Haji Lane is a lot different now compared to when I went there for the first time with my sister.
The walls didn't have street art on them and we had a hard time looking for the
 Comme des Garcons Guerilla Store because all the buildings looked the same.



This was the last photo I took before we headed back to Bugis Junction so
I could get a train back to Mandarin. (Camille was panicking because she
wasn't sure I'd get back alive HAHAHHA) THANKS FOR TAKING ME
AROUND CAMILLEEEEEEEE! Here's the cool photo I took of our shoes!!!

If you want to see Camille's drawing's, they're over HERE!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SG April '14: Day 3 (Part 1)

April 19, 2014

(This is a two-part entry because there's a family part and a friend part - 
I spent lunch and dinner with my family and I was with Camille in between)

The reason why I didn't bring a camera on this trip was because of this.

Ahhhh, thanks Dad! I've been wanting to replace my 7D for a while now.
(Kasi feeling ko hindi talaga kami meant to be) I wanted the new camera to 
be a lot smaller and a lot lighter kaya I did some research and found out about
the 100D. It's so tiny! Now the only heavy thing about my camera is the lens,
pero okay lang kasi it's a lot more manageable na pa rin. And ugh,
I received this lens pa. It's sooo nice iyak tayo guys

(Pero LOL. I didn't use it until I got back to Manila so all the photos from
this day until the end of this trip are still from my phone's camera)

Hello Tess (Sorry I posted this pero I found it funny)

Hello Trachea

While we were walking to Ippudo, we saw a guy with a prosthetic leg. 
Cool diba!!!

Also passed by this cute place where you could go and paint!

At Ippudo they also have those giant manga displays like they have
in Yabu, except yup, the drawings are about ramen, not tonkatsu.
(Check out the guy in the middle, so happy to be reading a ramen manga)

I made a star out of sesame seeds.

It wasn't just Miko who recently celebrated his birthday. Kuya Leo had his just a few
days before, on April 11. He received a gift in Singapore and opened it before we ate.
It was a cute figure of a guy with three cameras! (Kuya Leo is a photographer and a 
member of the Camera Club of the Philippines)


Ate Diday's top had a cute chair pattern on it. I liked it because I like chairs.


After lunch, I met up with Camille. 
Part 2 is where you'll find what we did!
Don't read ahead nalang if you want to 
read about this day in chronological order!


So ayon, I was on the train back to Somerset na. 
Dad suddenly texted me asking where I was, so I started
to panic. Designated meet up time for our trip to the restaurant 
was in around 6 minutes, and I was going to have to 
walk pa from Somerset to the hotel.

When the train doors opened, I made a run for it.
Sa sobrang madali, I went up the wrong exit. Instead of 
ending up inside the mall (the exit I was familiar with), 
I went up the stairs to find a skate park.

More panic ensues.

I ran down the skate park steps because I saw that the mall 
was right across it, but it was a dead end. There was a gate blocking 
the way.  "OMG BAKIT ANG MALAS KO" levels na yung brain ko.

That was the SECOND wrong exit I made and all in under two minutes!!
I could not slow down due to the thought of my father getting very enggry,
so I made a quick turn and ran back up the stairs to find a different way 
out of the skate park. Finally I'm in the mall, then out the other end of
the mall, then at Cineleisure, then at the back entrance of Mandarin,
then at the lobby. They were all there waiting but Dad didn't get angry, yahu!

This was what I looked like:

There were so many of us that we needed to take a bus!
That's Mr. Alan-dude and Tita Lani in front, Tita Mimi next to
Tito Ronny (not seen), Dad behind them, and Dad's friend who 
I do not know on the single left seat. (Plus Uncle Jimmy, Ate Diday, 
Kuya Leo, Pammy, Tisha, Tracy, Miko, and Ana - that's me! - in the back)

Pow Sing! (As you may have noticed, we cannot go to Singapore without
having Hainanese Chicken Rice.)

Omg though. We weren't able to get down from the bus agad when we 
got there. The driver was about to let us down in the driveway
then park when we suddenly heard shouting. A police car was parked beside 
us and a policewoman was telling us to get out of the way because she wanted 
to leave first (I am assuming this is what she was saying because from inside 
the bus she looked like she was going to punch us if we didn't move) 
We never found out why she was doing that, but even if it was because of an 
emergency somewhere, I didn't think it was right to be shouting and angry 
and nagwawala in front of a bus. There was a proper - ehem respectful ehem - 
way to do that, 'no. This is how she looked like. What a scary lady.

After all that was over, we finally got to go in. The place looks a lot newer now!
(Or baka feel ko lang yun. Wa ko knows.)

I got Milo because Milo is yummy in Singapore.

I love you

Miko took me to a little ice cream place nearby after eating because he wanted some 
dessert. While he was paying I saw this ice cream cake on display and I wanted
to eat all the tiny marshmallows. Tiny marshmallows are awesome.

Wow nucks OBEY + CDG amazing

Uncle Jimmy did a head count as we entered the bus (Field trip?)

We had plans to meet up with some of Miko's friends (One of them, Pia, 
is Tisha's batch mate from grade school) pero they weren't there yet kaya
we went back to Cathay and looked at Left Foot (I love Left Foot guys)

Ayon that was Day 3 tah-dah!
I never know how to end entries. :-/