Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi, friends

I just wanted to say how sweet my friends are, okay.
I messaged a bunch of them the other night asking for a retreat letter.
I know how busy everyone is with the whole college thing going on,
and I didn't think they'd take it todo seriously, but they wrote long things
that I can't wait to read. Sobrang kinikilig lang ako, okay.

Freya texted a few minutes ago asking if I'd rather get her letter tonight
or tomorrow morning because she was making sure I'd get it. Tapos Celine
has school stuff pa for tomorrow, and she made sure to make one and email it to me.
Hay nako, Ina sent me a PDF file pa kasi maarte siya, pero I love it.

I'm printing everything I receive tonight and I'm reading it tomorrow
para feel na feel ko yung retreat AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And to the people who are about to send me their letters palang 
or are going to be late, I love you all just the same! 

Uuuuugh I'm just so touched right now I have the bestest friends ever
(Bawal umangal kasi blog ko 'to)

P.S. To the people I will be with sa retreat - I can't wait!!! 
Super namiss ko kayo lahat hindi na nakakatawa

P.S.S. To the high school friends I haven't seen in a while, 
I miss you guys pa rin. =))

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