Sunday, July 22, 2012


Today was the first day that I actually felt really happy in such a long time!
Miko arrived from Singapore last night and he's staying for a week - 
It's just really happy because seeing the gang = stress relief

Being with them is a break from everything else that's happening to me
so thank god for them! (Ang cheesy ba? Who cares, it's true. :-j)

I was late for lunch at 19D again today, and when I was getting ready,
Miko just walks into my room and we freak out together for a bit
(Okay, baka ako lang yung nag freak out) and then we headed to 19D together.

Tisha's into the color pink these days

I like Miko's reggae Nikes.

Miko laughed at Tisha for answering SAT questions on her iPad.
A bit later he was debating with her about the answers na

I painted my nails black last night.

This is Tracy's blank-look-while-eating-palitaw-na-tinanggalan-ng-niyog

This is Christian rejecting my request for a picture together

Every Sunday he goes into our room to play his rock song.
The only lyrics I understand are, "Never say never..."

Oh, and Ate had a little package for me today. :-)

She calls him Lolo Karl! Tisha got the grey Lolo Karl and I got the black one.

Ate, thanks for these too! :->

My mom wanted me to buy a bunch of clothes for Korra so he
could be in an outfit every Sunday, but when I went downstairs a while
ago he wasn't wearing anything. :-/ HE WAS NAKED

Ate Diday got an extra ticket to The Dark Knight Rises last night
so I could watch with them (Thanks Ate Diday + Miko who told her
to get one even if I hadn't replied yet) kaya it meant I had to
be with them the whole day (Yehey thank you lord)

They wanted to pass by Office Warehouse before going home,
but Miko and I stayed in the car. He was texting someone on his
phone, and then he told me to say hi. Eh I started waving, and
he said to me, "It's not a video Anette, it's a wallpaper."

When they all got back from shopping and we were on the way
to their house for real, Tisha suddenly screamed "IT'S PARTY TIME,"
and then she played Kid Cudi music on her iPad

 Tisha offered me some ice cream when we got to their house.
Dear Haagen Dazs, I will miss you!
(Pero okay pa naman kasi madami pa sila Tisha mmm)


Tracy roaring. 

We left for MOA at about 3-something and we got there at around 4.
I don't understand how cars navigate around that place.

Hemingway, here are some baduy pictures as usual:

And then I asked Kuya leo to take pictures of the three of us. :-))
(Tracy is not here because she said no when they invited her to the
Batman show - hindi pa daw niya napapanood yung old ones eh nucks)

Dear Tisha, thank you for bending down a bit to look
shorter than you really are. It's appreciated.

Tisha wanted Jollibee at the movie, so us kids went over there to get some food.
Tisha: Mik, ano daw drink mo? Ana: Ako Coke! Miko: Iced tea. Ana: Ako Coke!!
Tisha: Mamaya ka pa!! Miko: ANETTE ANG KULIT MO (pinches my nose)

Ayoko na magcomment sa movie (It's too awesome so I can't explain basta jeje)

We decided to have dinner at Mann Hann (okay so hindi kami nagdecide -
we looked for any other place with seats and there weren't any kaya we waited
in line nalang) Yiheee a family picture!

After food, we walked to Gong Cha because Kuya Leo wanted some bubble tea.
We saw a cute Captain America hermit crab! (There was a Thor one too,
pero nakakapikon yung itsura niya kaya never mind nalang)

There was a crepe place next to Gong Cha and
I reaaaaally wanted dessert so I pulled Tracy para may kasama ako

The drive home was 80% laughter 10% Tisha's loud music 10% actual conversation. :-))
 Oh, and Miko's sago was all stuck together and he just felt like he had to show us


  1. Replies
    1. Ahahahaha :-)) Let's go out for some ice cream some time!

  2. ok. so first i love that you have an update!! =) i like you in LJ though but here is ok i guess as long as youre writing. second i love that luz painting in the background in one of the photos! to die for! im going to collect him someday. third, why do you have a separate unit for lunches and dinners in ppt? fourth, i love you! haha and simba and korra too.


    1. 1. Yes, moving blogs makes me want to update more!
      2. My dad probably picked that one out! :-)
      3. I have so many nieces and nephews over every Sunday, so we move to a different unit for everyone to fit. :-)
      3. I love you and them too, yehey!!!

  3. More Korra picssssss pleaaaaasseeee (followed you from LJ, where I discovered you thru your ate Chuvaness). :)

    1. Hello! :-) Yes, I will post more Korra when I get proper pictures of him na :-)))))

  4. so haagen dazs will be completely gone?

    1. Yeah, sadly. But there's a final sale going on right now, I think up to 50% off!

    2. omg better stock up! lol

  5. Your shorts!! LOVE!! :)