Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wag ka nang mahiya!

Hello! Today I decided not to be late for my gaming class aka AUTHOR3.
I left the house at 7:30, and then when we got to Osmena Highway, inay ko po,
sira lahat ng stop light. :-| The cars were going whichever way they wanted
so everyone was just, well, stuck. Hay nako ang jeje talaga.

 I got to class at around 8:30am, so even if I didn't want to be late this time, I still was.
When class ended at around 11-something in the morning, I received good - no, GREAT news! 
Jhea and I spent three minutes just laughing. (AHAHAHA I loveht)

I have to go back home after my 8:00am - 11:00am class because
my next class isn't until 6pm. I had to talk about thesis things with my classmates, though,
so I left the house at around 3-ish to meet up with them. This is what I wore:


I had a fun time making evil spirits go away
 (Lahat kasi sila tinatawag akong albularyo ahahaha)
Also, I was happy because I was wearing the same color as someone today! <3

After class, I got home to find out Miko was already here.
He's leaving for Hong Kong on Sunday kasi, so we're making the most
out of the week he's gonna be in Manila. He was supposed to sleep over on Wednesday pa,
but I remembered that I was leaving for our retreat on Thursday pala.

Speaking of the retreat - I am so excited. I miss my friends so much, 
none of you can even begin to understand how much. I cannot wait for Thursday.

Tonight's events which I cannot explain (because I do not want to):

~( ื▿ ื~)~( ื▿ ื~)~( ื▿ ื~)~( ื▿ ื~)~( ื▿ ื~)~( ื▿ ื~)
Good night, everyone!

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