Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hong Kong: Day Five

Ayan - day five started very early.
I asked Tisha to wake me up at 8:30 no matter what,
so at 8:30 she pulled the sheets and I froze as she screamed,

Tisha's wake up tactics actually worked that day,
took me only five minutes of muni-muni before I got up and took a shower.

Left a bit past ten with Miko and Tracy.
One super big mistake we made was to not wear jackets.
We all assumed it wouldn't be cold outside and oooooh, were we wrong.

Lalo na 'tong si Trachea. She was wearing a super thin shirt

Enggry Ana is enggry.

We got off at the Tsim Sha Tsui stop and began walking.
I reminded Trachea to dance around as we walked to the N exit, where Nathan Road was.

I was taking a picture when I got attacked from behind!
Ngek - it was Carlos trying to surprise me! He was waiting for us at the exit pala! :-))
He was the only one who knew how to get around Nathan Road,
so he wanted to help Miko find the store with Anica's shoes again :-)

Asked him to take a photo at a very cool-looking alley!
Thank you, Carlos! :-)) I know you're used to me asking you for my picture anyway :-))

Again - don't take photos while crossing the street.
Baka masagasaan ka. (I love saying this HAHAHAHAbye)

Cute lola pushing a cart on the sidewalk.
I ran after her to take this :-)

First stop - Cotton On! (Naghahanap kami lahat ng jacket kasi namamatay na kami sa lamig)
Something funny - all the stores were closed while we walked around Nathan Road,
and we were about to cry because of the cold, but the moment we got to Cotton On, the doors opened

Took a picture of the locker because I want a locker in my room. Kasi. Wala lang.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :"-)
(Okay sorry I was just very happy okay)
Spot Miko's McDonald's on the left!

In between the last photo and the next, we walked to the store where Anica's
shoes were, but it was still closed! At that time, we also realized that Tracy's
 jacket wasn't warm enough, so we walked all the way back to Cotton On to get
gloves for us naman. =))

TAPOS WE FOUND ERICA (As in our other friend who just got to Hong Kong
the night before) WHAT WERE THE CHANCES RIGHT it was so funny
we were freaking out in the middle of the store

So ayun. After freaking out with Erica, getting gloves for ourselves,
and Tracy buying another sweater, we decided to go to McDonald's
for lunch + to kill time until the stores opened

Since we are easily distracted, (I already told you this)
we ended passing by a bunch of other stores.

This was where I met the very cool girl from two posts ago!

I asked Tracy to take this while Miko looked at phones
in a gadget store that was open. It makes me very happy also hihihihi

Had McWings again!

AHAHAH I was wearing Tracy's jacket in this shot -
I was trying to be Eminem for lunch

We finished lunch a few minutes after 12:00,
which was exactly the time that most of the stores were going to open,
so we began walking back to the store na.

Ended up stopping at the end of a pedestrian lane because
the sun was hitting it and it was WARM

God probably felt that we were freezing and wanted to give us a few seconds of happiness

Miko, Tracy, and Carlos :-)

In between the last photo and the next,
I ended up buying shoes and several tops from a store,
tapos a hat and a new fox tail from another one!

When we ran out of things to do, we decided to take a cab to Ocean Terminal
so we could ride the ferry (something I really wanted to do) then take
the train to Central (Causeway Bay for Carlos because he was meeting his family there)

It was his first time to use a token to get to the ferry!
First times are fun to document, okay?

When we got inside, sakto, it was boarding time!
We ran to the boat.

Saw another lolo and took his photo before people started appearing
and ruining the photo

Took a seat on the front row

"Jack, I'm flying!"
Parang baliktad?

Hihi - Sorry if all the captions for the Ana and Carlos
photos are just kiligness! Kilig ako eh, bakit ba. :-j

Lucky shot again! I was taking a photo of a man who probably wanted
to leave the boat first - and he looked! :-)

After leaving the boat, I saw a really angry mom
running after a kid who was about to get lost
(At least nahabol!)

Walked through the overpass to get to the train station.
These are the jeje gloves I was talking about! Miko has a pair too!

Instead of getting on the red line, we got on the blue line so that
we could still get off on Admiralty and Carlos could go to Causeway Bay
without having to change trains anymore. (Nuks, nag-isip)

Last photo of the four of us before getting off on our stop.
(Deep inside I was all like "Huhuhuhu bye Carlos huhuhuhuhuhu")

By 2:15, we were back at the hotel. I finished packing the rest of the things that I
got, and went to the couch where Daffy and Mickey were to watch Inception.
(I love that movie but Ate hates it because she hates movies where you have to think)

Guys, ang dami nating maleta.

Last photos in our favorite place in the hotel (na napakalamig)





and Miko

Lol at Mickey's face

Went back inside to the seating area where
me and Miko ended up clapping our shoes together
to a Ramones song that he randomly sang.
Ay, I remember now! It was "I Wanna Be Sedated" :-))

The bus that was picking us up for the trip to the airport wasn't
getting there until 4:30, so we all headed upstairs to have something for merienda.
Yes, we brought all our hand carry with us! (Natatawa ako eh.)

This is Cafe Grey, the restaurant at the top of our hotel. :-)

Can you guess what my favorite color is?
Carlos thought it was yellow. What do you think? :-))

Tracy's left and right view from her place at the table.

This is an apple crumble. I ate seven of these.
They are so tiny and goooooood.

The bus has arrived!!!

Fast forward to the airport where Dad was being cute.
He was taking a panorama shot with his phone!

Ayaw ko.

Went to the Cathay Pacific lounge while Tisha and Daffy went to
the Disney store at the airport to find a Lotso stuffed toy for herself.
(She got inggit at the small Lotso I got from Carlos and she wanted her own :-)) )

This is the coolest elevator. Sana all-black din yung elevator here at PPT!

At the Cathay Pacific lounge, there is a place called The Noodle Bar,
 and Tracy introduced it to me that day. THEIR NOODLES ARE LOVELY.

I had three of these, and Tracy had four! (Hindi kami nagloloko)

Had a chocolate lollipop for dessert

Soon it was boarding time, and we had to get on an express train in the airport
to get to our gate. This is Dad and Ate Diday trying to keep my mom warm. :-))
(This train ride made me happy because I got to ride one last train before Manila!
I really love commuting in Hong Kong.)

A lot of walking later - we were boarding!
I was being a gago before getting on the plane.
I made Daffy take a picture of me pressing those buttons you see before entering a plane

Tisha was on my left

Daffy was across from me, Tracy's legs on his right

A documentary and two desserts later, we were in Manila!
Arrival time - 10:29

Ang dami pa rin naming bag.


  1. Ana, some pics dont match eith the captions again.. :)

    1. Hi, I remember you! :-))
      Maybe it looks a bit different on your computer? :-)

      Basta I put each caption above the photo I'm talking about. :-)

  2. thanks for blogging about your trip, i feel like im in hk na rin =)

  3. Kere ni Daffy foreves!

    1. We have a Daffy fan over hereee! :-))

    2. Pwede ko na bang asahan ang constant appearance ni Daffy in your blog posts? HAHAHA #CHARizard

  4. ang gwapo ni Daffy... :)

    1. Are you the same person commenting about Daffy everywhere else? :-)) We are very curious to know =))

    2. Hi! Ako yung nag-comment ng "kere ni Daffy forevs" and yung "ang haba ng paa ni Daffy" sa previous post mo! Yung ibang nag-comment, well, sila ay pawang mga karibal ko lamang. HAHAHAH echos We want to hear Daffy's voice!! video greeting naman! teehee

    3. Sige sige sige game! =))))) I'll let him know!!! =))

  5. please always blog about your trips!! especially the airplane rides HAHAHA. +++more pics of daffy!!! muy gwapo :)

    1. No worries I always do! :-)
      AHAHAHAHA sige I will take note of the more Daffy photos thing :-))

  6. Hi! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAA funny. What is kere? HAHHAHAHA are all these comments from one person only???

    1. i bet you're the one who commented all of those...... ,,!,, joke hehehe te amo


  7. kinilig din ako sa mga photos niyo ni carlos! =))

  8. Mickey,pumapayat ka na ata? Well done.

    Ehhh, i love Daffy also. And i'm a guy. Haha

    Kakakilig kayong magjowa, Ana. Hehe..

    I love the Cayetano politicians. :)

    i dunno if u still remember me Ana? The guy from dublin, we used to exchange tweets before. Wala lang! Keep on blogging :)

    1. I do remember you!!!! (I will always remember Dublin because that's where Nicky Byrne is from AHAHAHHA sorry hardcore Westlife fan here =)))) )

  9. Hello! The lights on the plane is so cool! Plus, your street photography of old people doing normal stuff reminds me of the youtube guy named Kai from DigitalRev.