Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Eve + Day

It has been 12 days since 2013 started,
but as usual, I am late at blogging about it

The New Year's Eve post:
I decided not to wear polka dots this year for some reason.
(At least yung camera strap ko may dots pa rin)
Lovely lovely socks c/o Sir Carlos

I was late for the New Year's Eve bingo game because
I was fighting myself about which shoes to wear.

Hemingway, when I DID get there,
I just randomly grabbed two cards and sat down with Tess and Daffy.

See that box on the left? It had a special gift from Ate inside it!

GRABE IT'S SO NICE DIBA. Ate gave me a Proud Race black veil

Ate says it's bad luck, but I kinda really want to get married in it
Uggggh if the married thing doesn't work out, I can just wear it to
my Dad's birthday - pwede na ring Halloween costume, diba?

That's Kuya Dennis being "strong" because he won

Tracy is not pleased.

This is Ana, Tess, and Daffy trying to attract good luck.
(I just want you guys to know, never dumating yung good luck.)

When bingo was over, we just got some poker chips and
played about what, three games?

Kuya Leo was pretending to be asleep and Christian
was trying to wake him up by opening his eyes

Then Christian decided to scare us by hiding under the table
then coming out with a funny face

... Tapos siya lang yung natatawa :-))

O and then Ate wanted photos in the bathroom mirror,
and it was really just supposed to be the two of us

But then Tracy appeared

And then Dad came in going, "What the hell are you all doing here?"

And then the gang appeared and we tried very hard to fit
(Tracy had to stand on the toilet)

Things to take note of:
1. Tess is wearing pants that look like a skirt
2. Tracy is wearing rainbow shiny shiny pants
3. Ana's socks are awesome
(Okay sige na nga I will add the back story -
So. I have always wanted tube socks na white with black and red lines at the end,
but I could never find plain ones. As in you go to Adidas and they have them, pero may logo.
Tapos you go to Vans and they have the socks too, pero may logo. Can someone tell
Muji to make tube socks with a stripe on it para makabili na ako?!
Well anyway - Carlos ALWAYS hears me talk about those socks,
and he finally found some plains ones while walking around in Hong Kong
and they're a bit too long and a bit too big for my feet but who cares
I finally have them in black and in red huhuhuhuhu)

If we are all together and it's around 10pm and we're all quiet,
it doesn't mean we're asleep. We're just on our phones or our laptops.
Aaaaand as usual. Si Ana ang maliit. (Tisha's cheating a bit though! She has heels)

Perks of being the shortest one include being able to do this in between two tall people

... Nainggit si Kuya Leo

... Nainggit din si Tracy + her rainbow shiny shiny pants

When the night was over and everyone was leaving, we heard Rick Astley
coming from our neighbor's unit. (Ate Diday and I proceeded to sing along to
"Never Gonna Give You Up," while Miko danced the Rickroll)

Happy New Year, Kuya Guard! (Inaantok na siya)

The New Year's day post:
Okay - so before we left for Hong Kong, there were many things we
weren't able to do as a gang. One thing was to watch Sosy Problems,
and the other one was to watch One More Try. Eh there wasn't anywhere
we had to be for New Year's Day, so we all agreed to spend the afternoon watching both

Para sa mga mahilig sa #ootd diyan, the outfit of the day was made of crosses!
Like... polkadots... but in cross form.......................

Tess and Daffy lying down on their usual spot
doing their usual thing (which is to talk about people I don't know)

I haven't posted about Korra in a while.
He is very fat now.

Okay fast forward to after lunch - Mom, Chame, Ate Diday, Tracy, Tess, Daffy and Ana
went to Greenbelt to watch One More Try. They stopped at Coffee Bean to buy drinks

This is them walking to the cinema

This was after the movie! (Chame and Ate Diday hated it - but I declare BEST MOVIE EVER)

That's my mom, and she likes purple.

Went to Muji and got a planner for myself.
Vain picture because there was a mirror (no further reasoning needed)

I saw the house and asked Daffy to take my photo because I wanted to be in the house

Tapos I saw Gelo whose blog is over here!

Break time before the next movie at the Riingen residence.
I love this evil dog so much. I cannot help it

That's Tracy pulling him by the collar so I could go out without
him following me because he likes to follow me and stand up on me
and lick me and I miss him right now just typing about it because
I know he's a wild creature but he's very nice to me and I love him. :-(

One outfit change later (ni Tracy), we were on our way to Eastwood for
Sosy Problems! I think I like to be the cross lady.....

Nanananana the movie was so bad but it had, like, a few super funny parts din,
pero it was so bad talaga -  as in anong plot yan please lang bakit siya sinama sa MMFF
pwedeng wag. =)) The trailer gave me so much hope but.... No. Grabe it sucked so much talaga

So here nalang, to the #DaffyFanClub, have his face! =))


  1. Daffy's messy hair = <3. Video greeting na sana next post! teehee!! #daffyforevs

    1. AHAHAHAHAHA we were supposed to shoot a video today pero hindi nangyari - maybe next time! :-))

  2. Love all your posts Ana. But love Daffy more. Haayy..more pics of him pls hehehehe

  3. Daffy bastusin mo ako!!!!!!!!


    2. Grabe 'teh masyado kang obsessed sa kapatid ko

  4. gagz Ana wtf are all these Daffy comments =)))))))))))))))))

    1. #ootd GUMAWA KA NA PLS
    3. Since when has Tisha been a Tess
    4. I like Tracy's rainbow pants
    5. Picture niyo ni Ate when yer dad came in parang OPS CAUGHT RED HANDED

    1. Ina, hindi ko din alam. =))

      1. Ehhhh hindi ako ma-outfit! :-((
      3. This is a long story that I will explain when I see you
      4. They killed a unicorn to make 'em
      5. TOMO

  5. Hey Ana! I love your New Year's Day polka-dotted-but-are-actually-crosses (polka-crossed?) pants, and am wondering where'd you get it? :)

    I saw a similar one from one of the members of my favorite KPop bands ( and have been wanting to own a pair ever since. :)

    1. Hi! Got them at H&M Hong Kong! :-) From the Christmas break trip! :-D

    2. Finaaaaaally! Haha. Thank you~

  6. Replies
    1. Okay I thought you were someone else pero hindi pala :-)) May #MikoFanClub na rin :-)))))

  7. Daffy!!! > much love from Canada! :)

    1. He sends you back the love! :-))

    2. Omg!! *faints :) please let me know when you visit Canada! :) I'll meet you anywhere! :) #teamdaffy! :)

  8. Good god Ana we have Daffy and Miko fans on your blog.

  9. may twitter account ba si Daffy? pwede bang magrequest ng isang blog post all about Daffy? PLEASE!!!!! ;D LOLz! #DaffyFanClub

  10. Team Miko here....

    1. Yehey Miko's fans are back too! :-)) They've been missing for a while!!!

  11. I think I know why people are falling head over heels with Daffy. His eyes. It burns through me. And that face.

    - A.T.