Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hong Kong: Day Four

Hello! Day four was the day we all got to sleep in because
we weren't required to have lunch out. We all got up at around ten,
but then we all fell asleep again (or ako lang ba yun?)

Ate Diday said they would just have lunch at IFC then she would
come get us so we could all go to Festival Mall. Tess and Daffy
left to buy us some McDonald's, and when they got back, we had
to eat super fast because Ate Diday was back at our hotel na.

I take ten years to eat - so I had to eat my McWings while walking
+ I had to finish before reaching the station because you're not
allowed to eat on the train!

This was Ate Diday when we were on our way to Kowloon Tong!
(The farthest spot we went to on this trip!)

Tracy making her favorite face

Mickayla wearing Heather Miss Grey

Daffy and Ana being monochromatic! (Minus my hair...)
Daffy got such a nice hoodie, 'no??? Good buy good buy

Cute kid at the train with Ate Diday and Tess making chika at the side

I do not know what Mickey is looking at.
Tracy is pretend sleeping while standing up.

When I took this, I said, "Ate Diday, why are you looking into the distance?"

Then Tisha said, "Gusto ko ako din looking into the distance!!!"

Many stops later, we got to Kowloon Tong!

Went straight to Log-On when we got into Festival Mall!
(This place is my favorite place for useless cute things.)

Was looking for a pen for Ate, but they only sold in 0.5 and Ate wanted them in 0.7

I was going for a school girl for that day's outfit!
I took this when I was waiting for a lady to get a bag I fell in love with
(Check out the shopping basket - puro useless cute things - kasiii eh.)

Tisha wanted to pass by H&M (for a third time that trip)
and we - as in Daffy, Tracy, and Ana - were very thirsty so we went up to
the food court to grab some Coke. Tracy wanted Haagen Dazs,
and when she got some, we wanted to sit at the chair area but none were available...

We ended up at the far corner where the fire exit was, and we sat on the floor...

People were passing by us, and they were probably weirded out about
a bunch of kids blocking the way

Finally some customers left, and we were able to steal a table.
(This shot was taken after I said, "Look relieved!!!")

After Festival Mall, we had to go back to the hotel
kasi we were going to have dinner with the Cayetanos again.

Mickey's ticket to the train didn't work twice,
so he had to keep on going back to the customer service area (LOL)
On his third try to get in, his ticket finally worked,
and this picture is of him telling you that the third time's a charm!

And then... I saw the coolest lolo ever. He was in a suit! Sorry for being a stalker,
but he was so cool talaga. I followed him around on the train, okay. =))

Look!!! He's looking right at the camera! Super lucky shot! 

When we had to change trains at Mong Kok, he changed trains too!
I got to take a shot of him standing up naman!

When we stopped at Tsim Sha Tsui, there was more space on the train
so he took a seat over there to the right.

Tapos his stop was at Admiralty din pala, so I took one last shot of him leaving
the train, and yeah. That's my story about the very cool old man that I saw. :-))

Tracy's favorite pose part two

And theeeen we were back at the hotel.
We were so shocked to find that the cleaner tortured Fluffy when we were gone!!!
(Sana pinatong nalang niya sa kama. Bakit pa inipit sa headboard?)

Nag-aayos sa salamin

There's a hashtag for the next three photos, but I will not tell you what. :-))

Tapos, we went downstairs to the lobby/grass area,
where Tisha met up with her friend AJ so they could go out.

This is what our hotel looked like from where I was standing

About an hour later, we were going to leave for dinner na.
Ang tawag dito ay #patweetums

Was so happy to hear that Kuya Leo found batteries for the film
camera that Carlos got me for my birthday!!!

LOL I made Miko raise his arm too, and since he was busy texting,
I don't think he even noticed that I was taking a funny picture

This is the battery I was talking about, by the way!
Thank you so much, Kuya Leo!!! I finally got to use the camera that night!

Sooo... Dinner was at a Chinese place I can't remember the name of.
This was the restaurant's WiFi password.

Mga pagod/inaantok dahil sa kakashopping

HAHAHAHA this is how much I shopped at Log-On I'm so sorry

... This is me noticing that the receipt smelled like Jollibee spaghetti.
I AM NOT KIDDING, OKAY? I kept the receipt

Nomnom, Peking Duck!

I was trying to make him smile with the duck,
but I don't think he understood.

Tapos Tisha finally arrived - and guess what.
She was out getting pictures with a topless guy at Abercrombie with AJ. :-))))

This is Ana trying to steal Tess's jacket.

Tita Lani, Tita Pia, Dad, and Mom

I can't remember what was happening here.
Pinapagalitan ata ni Kuya Leo si Tisha for taking a picture with the topless guy, LOL

A picture with Mr. Alan-dude!

(Ops. That was our theme song for the trip)

I saw a cute bald kid with a bald doll at the
Christmas stage of the mall, so I made Tracy pretend
I was taking her picture so I could take a picture of the little girl.

Yiiiiiiiie, group picture!!!
Kuya Leo, Ate Diday, Mom, Dad, Tita Pia, and Mr. Alan-dude!

That night, we had to pack everything na. We still had a last day at Hong Kong,
but Miko wanted to go to Nathan Road again to pick up Anica's (his girlfriend) shoes.
We had to bring our packed bags to Ate Diday the next day very early
so that we would have enough time at Tsim Sha Tsui!

After packing, I realized that I had left my Converse sneakers in the other room,
so I made a reminder for myself for the morning and stuck it to the door.


  1. Sa apat na blog post mo about your trip to Hong Kong, isa lang kumuha ng atensyon ko... ang haba ng paa ni Daffy.

    1. Haha! Dahil sa lens ko yan. :-))
      Nadidistort talaga minsan yung tao :-)

    2. Hahaha okay. paka-kere nyaa!! :)) teehee


  2. I love Miko talaga, pero may gf na pala sya..So, NGA NGA!

    Switching to Daffy instead. Chos. Hahaha

    1. Hahahahah I should really start a #Daffyfanclub hashtag =))