Monday, December 31, 2012

Hong Kong: Day Three

As usual, we were all up late (minus Tisha, 
who was, again, trying to wake us all up with her music)

On the third day, Kuya Leo took us kids to Mong Kok.
I think I've fallen in love with commuting around Hong Kong.
 I love watching the map in the train because lights pop up when 
we reach a stop. I also love that you can find the exits by following letters!

Grabbing some cookies before getting on the train.

This time, I was looking to buy a new pair of Nikes and black Doc Martens!

This was where we were supposed to go if ever we got lost.

Mickey and Kuya Leo went ahead to the electronics,
while Ana, Tess, Daffy, and Tracy headed to the shoes!

First stop - Ana's boots! I am happy to say that I finally
got a pair of black ones, and I decided to get ten-hole boots!

Look at the man on the left, he's looking at the camera!

Stopped over here because Tracy was looking for black Chucks.
(I know it says it's a Vans store, but they had all kinds of shoes, haha)

Waiting for the guy who was getting Tracy's shoe size

Took this photo for Carlos, who loves basketball.
We didn't go up the steps, though! I don't know what's up there.

Sila Tess have gotten used to me getting down on the ground to take photos,
so they don't stop me anymore when they see me kneeling down somewhere.
Doesn't the guy look like he's moonwalking?

I like the man standing in the middle.
This was taken at the Ladies Market.
A lot of the stalls were still closed because it was so early.


When we finally got Tracy's shoes, we walked back to where we left
Tisha and Daffy, who were buying a bubble drink (I say drink because it wasn't tea.)

There was loud construction going on next to the shop where they were 
waiting for their orders.

Sat on the steps in front of the shop while waiting

Look for the only guy getting hit by the sunlight - 
Can you believe he was trying to have a phone 
conversation while standing next to the construction?
Medyo malabo siya

Tisha didn't like the drink she got.
Daffy's just making the same annoyed face because I told him to.
Daffy's wearing such nice pants, 'no? Kailangan mag-agree.

Since they had drinks + we had time to kill before
looking for Mickey + Kuya Leo, we went into the shop
and sat at a table. I wore Tracy's hat and Daffy wore mine! 
(P.S. Thanks for the beanie, Carlos!!)

After finishing their drinks, we left to go to the electronics part of 
Mong Kok. We wanted to get Instax film, so we went to several stores
to see which ones were selling the film for the cheapest price.

At one of the shops, I saw an old lady carrying a pomeranian,
and it reminded me of Korra. The lady heard my camera 
and looked at me just in time!

And theeeen, it was back to looking for Kuya Leo!

But then we saw an ice cream truck. 
(We are easily distracted, I know.)

Daffy got a cone for himself.

I got to try the ice cream, it was yummy!
Daffy said it reminded him of Golden Spoon.

This shot almost didn't happen because Mickey has this thing where
he doesn't care if he's blocking the way for a shot. =))
Obviously, this man was moving and I didn't have a lot of time 
to take the photo, but I got to snap a second photo after 
Mickey finally got out of the way.

I found Rilakkuma Instax film! 
(I love this bear forever and ever and ever!!!)

And that's it for Mong Kok! 
After our trip, we had to go to Harbor City for lunch.

Ang mga tamad mag-escalator

Got down at Tsim Sha Tsui and began walking to the mall.

Stopped to take a photo!
I think I might end up getting lost one day because I keep doing this.

Look at the cute graffiti art up there!

Taking photos while standing in the middle of the road is also bad. Don't copy me.

Went straight to Rice Paper because we were already late for lunch

Tito Renren, Tita Lani, Mr. Alan-dude, and Dad

After staying for a bit, Tracy had to say bye bye because she was meeting up
with her friend/s. It was funny, because on this trip to Hong Kong,
a lot of our friends were there too. I'm happy we saw them yayyyy

Pero in my case - it wasn't friend, it was boyfriend!
Carlos spent his holidays in Hong Kong too, and day three 
was the day we got to hang out! He was in the H&M across
Harbor City when we got there, then after I had lunch,
Miko went with me to meet up with Carlos!

Why is my face weird?

(I look blind, lol) Waiting for Miko who was buying new Vans
(He's actually there on the right, can you see??)
Ang haba na ng buhok ko, guys

And then waiting for Miko who was buying headphones.
(Miko ang dami mo palang binili that day ha!)

Fell in love with Carlos's shades so I needed another photo wearing 'em

Tapos Carlos took us to Nathan Road, because he said we'd like a lot of stuff there

We just went down to the MTR and went to the Nathan Road exit!

I saw this construction thing going on and took a shot!
I don't know if you can see, but there is a man sitting there at the far end!

I like taking photos of cool old people, okay?
His hair is longer than mine!

Again, look right before crossing the road. Baka masagasaan ka

When we reached Nathan Road, we looked at the shops one by one.
When we passed by one of them, I saw this girl and I COULD NOT 
leave without taking her photo. So I asked her if I could, 
tapos sobrang na-awkward siya sa'kin, swear. 
She didn't know why I was asking to take her photo
but she let me take one anyway.

Went up to a small store full of Vans and skateboards,
and got myself the same shades as Carlos, but in brown!

I like cute drawings, do you like cute drawings?

Wait, gusto ko lang i-share na tawang tawa ako sa #ootd ng mga tao =))
Bakit ba na-uso ang mga hashtag?

After looking around the shops, we passed by the same store
where the girl with a bandana was, and this time, she wasn't awkward with me anymore.
She told me that she liked my hair and she used to have red hair too, 
but "when you have red hair, you want black hair, and when you have
black hair, you want red hair!" O so anyway, I took this as a chance to ask her 
for another photo, this time of her shoes!

After maybe an hour or two, Miko found out that the phone he
ordered in Central was ready for pick up, so we began walking back to the MTR

Parang ako lang yung super happy?
Look at my gums. Intense.
And it's so funny because everyone keeps one talking to Carlos in chinese =))

Look, the man on the left and the man on the right are looking!
The train wasn't full when we got on, and we got to ride the end of the train!

End as in nasa likod talaga kami

Looked for the Landmark exit at Central, 
and then began walking to the building with the gadget shop!
Flying bunnies are adorbs

On the way to the building, we ran into the man 
who was selling the phone to Miko! LOL he walked all the way
back to the shop with us while talking to Miko about his phone

Okay - sorry sa kajejehan namin.
This was when we were thinking of what to do next.
(By the way, those are the brown shades I was talking about!)

Also - forgot to mention - I got new shoes at Nathan Road!
Am in love with them and I got them for 150 HKD.
Pwede bang ang cheap? I love them because they make me taller +
the back of the shoe has cute extra laces attached.
I asked the lady at the shop if I could wear the shoes na agad

Back to what we were going to do next - Miko and Carlos wanted to check out
some Vans, so Miko said we could go to IFC to find them. 

We first walked from the last building to the World Wide Plaza.
Miko and Ana had their money changed, and then off we were to look for IFC.
(We went up on the overpass, and I was super unsure about where we were, 
but Miko insisted that we trust him, kaya we followed him nalang.)

And tah dah! We got to IFC! But guess what.
WALANG VANS DOON OK. I have no idea why Miko thought
there would be one! The moment we got there, we walked to the virtual
map and typed in the word Vans, and it did not exist!!!

We went down to CitySuper nalang. Miko got some popcorn for Ate Diday
there. (Popcorn that he was supposed to bring home from Singapore
but he forgot so this was his way to make bawi, haha!)

After all of that, we were so tired kaya we decided to take a cab nalang 
from Central to Admiralty. Passed by this empty parking entrance
so I asked Carlos for a photo, ehehehehehehehehehehehe

Never been so happy to see a taxi stand in my whole life

"Uy Ana, kamukha ni Sir Rene yung guy."
Hala! Carlos was right - this guy looked like Sir Rene from behind!

After we got back to the hotel and Carlos went back to his,
we went downstairs to Pacific Place and had dinner at...
The Great Food Hall!

I just had a sandwich.

After dinner, Tisha took us to what she calls, "THE BEST CHILL SPOT EVER"
aka Shangri-La Hotel's garden. Shangri-La Hotel is right across ours, by the way.
I think Tisha found this place when she was hanging out
with her friend AJ who was in Hong Kong too.
(Sabi sa inyo we saw all our friends eh.)

The view was very nice, though!
Observation - In Hong Kong, night time doesn't feel like night time.
You look up at around 10pm and you still see the sky super bright
because of all the building lights etc etc etc

At the garden, we found statues and took photos with them

They were a bit scary at first though, because they look like real 
people when you're in the dark!

And to end this SUPER long tiring post, 
have an Instax photo of me and Tess making the same face without meaning to!
Both Ana and Tess got Wide Instaxes thanks to Dad, so thank you, Dad!!!!


  1. ur grounded!!!!!

    joke hehe it's tisha

  2. Omg I saw that Rilakkuma Instax film when I was in HK and thought of you :( I really wanted it! DID YOU SEE THE RILAKKUMA INSTAX CAMERA? iWANT HUHU


  3. i always thought mickey was your boyfriend...

    1. Sorry but this is disgusting. =))
      And such a weird assumption =))))) (Kung mabasa 'to ni Mickey tatawa din siya ten million times =))


    3. KADIRI KA TESS GO AWAY =))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. how are u guys related to the cayetanos? :)

    1. Family friends! And they just happened to have a vacation in HK the same time we did! They were with their own family and we were with ours :-)

  5. yihee sa pic with carlos! <3

  6. Oh Ana,i really hope the "I always thought Mickey was your boyfriend" person comes back here on your blog.He/She made my night.Huhuhu i don't have a fan here in your blog /////wrists

    1. Susmaria bakit ka naghahanap ng fans, ha? =))
      Naiiinis ako how can it even be assumed from my blog posts that we are together =)) Unang una - you aren't even interested in people of my gender, so. =))

  7. How much is the Doc Martens there in HK? :)

    1. I got mine for 1,100 HKD! Around 5,700 pesos!

  8. Hey where did you buy the film?