Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chrsitmas eve + day


1. These are the gifts I wrapped for my family

2. This is Jesus, who was celebrating his birthday at midnight.
The one on the right is normal vain ecklat (usually happens -
kung hindi pa kayo sanay ewan ko nalang)

3. This is Ana as a Minecraft character - Ben owns the box head!

4. Christian had a tummy ache that night and was sad

5. The kids came in and started to play and be noisy

6. We moved to our normal room. The Riingens arrived in Christmas costumes.
This is Tracy, she was wearing a reindeer.

7. After a while, Ate took Christian to our room because the other kids were getting too noisy.
Christian became unsick when Tisha arrived. He was smiling na

8. This was what Tisha was wearing when she arrived

9. Daffy trying to be Santa

10. Ana trying to be Santa (Miko does not seem to like the gift)

11. Korra being Korra (Tess, we should have put the beard and the hat on him!)

12. Two family photos I was able to get from Tess -
I also had a few pictures with Miko, but they're still with Kuya Leo


1. Twelve hours later and we're all together again!

2. Miguel was playing with the PS3.
He told me that he's never gotten to try 2K13

3. Teleserye ang peg.

4. I bet you it was my Dad who stole the pig's ear.
(Thank you for two lechons this Christmas)

5. Ate Diday makes the best carbonara. Wag ka nang umangal.

6. Ate Diday makes the best manok also. Nomnomnom

7. Korra was part of the festivities, as usual!

8. Okay. That afternoon was full of panic and insanity.
 We all planned to watch Sosy Problems,
but Mickey + Daffy had another family dinner, so we had a 6pm time limit.
(CHACHIIIING CHACHIIIIING - catchy yung trailer music, ha.)

At around 1:30 pm, left for Eastwood to hang out.
Tracy + Daffy + Ana stayed in Eastwood from 2 - 3,
while Mickey + Tisha went home. Tisha fell asleep, and Mickey did
not wake her up on time! (aka did not wake her up at all)

So Tisha + Mickey picked us up and we headed to Galleria.
The screening was at 3:30, and when we got there, we had about 3 minutes.
The cinema was PACKED, ok. Hindi na kami aabot. So Tisha goes,
"There's another showing at Greenbelt! It's at 3:40!!!"

So we get back in the car with less than ten minutes to get there.
MORE than ten minutes later, we get to Greenbelt.
Punong puno din yung cinema, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
After standing in line for about a minute, (we know we're impatient)
we just decided to go back to Tisha's house.

Which bring us to:
9. Tisha wanted to eat raclette (a cheese that I cannot stand the smell of)

10. I used Mickey's pants to save myself.
I hear raclette is really good though, I just can't get myself to eat it.

11. Tracy wearing Ate Diday's bra sleeping eye mask.
I do not think I would be fine wearing this too bed - it would be awkward :-))

12. Yay we love Coke

13. We went downstairs because we wanted to sing karaoke.
Time check - 5:50-something!

14. I got distracted - look o, so innocent ahihihihihi

15. Simba had to be kept in the kitchen ever since he bit Daffy. :-(
(Hay nako if you wanna know what happened, find my instragram nalang)

I know Daffy wants me to be against this dog, but I couldn't help it :-((
I had to hug him :-(( I LOVE YOU SIMBA (but you are evil for the Daffy attack)

16. So ayan, we ended Christmas singing funny songs
and it was happy. :-)

How was your Christmas!


  1. My Christmas was magical because of a camera :(( And on Christmas Eve day (as in... Christmas Eve pero di pa gabi) I ate excess macaroni salad while watching a bit of Notting Hill (first time ko- baby pa ni Hugh Grant omg)