Friday, December 14, 2012


Hi! I am alive! (And feeling a lot better compared to the last post, hahaha)
This term, I got six subjects - and I feel like talking about my finals
kasi last day na tomorrow and I'm so happy because 
I'm so tired and I miss sleep

Sige, I will do this in order of submission date HAHAHA

If you are an MMA student at Benilde, you would know that our
thesis has three steps (aka three subjects) the first is MSCIETY, where
you have to be able to defend your topic to the panel.
MMPROJ1 is stage two of our thesis, meaning production -
where we actually make the project we proposed in the 
first step. That's what I had to do this term!

My thesis topic is 21st Century World Leaders and Their Pets.
(Oops, yes I had to defend my love for animals last term -
One panelist kept on telling me that there was no need for the site
I was going to make because there were soooo many sites about dogs already -
medyo hindi niya magets na I wanted to tell the stories of the leaders and their pets)

Hemingway, here's a screenshot of my site.
I already shared this in the last post - pero here is the link to the site again just because!

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 1.21.58 AM

This is an advertising elective I decided to take - I have no comment on this class. :-|
Basta, I'm just very thankful for Jeroen who agreed to be our client
for finals. We had to make ads for Pepper Lunch and he agreed to 
be there at school at 9 in the morning because of our defense

That's him sitting in the second row! The first group was reporting at
the time, and my group was cramming the rest of the requirements

Aaaaand, after the defense!!! That's Jeroen with my two
other groupmates, Jessica and Ella! (We are happy because
we didn't suck as much as we thought we would so yay)

2DPREP was one of my favorite subjects this term. It's an elective
about experimental animation, so we learned how to do stop motion
and clay animation and sand animation and paint on glass animation
and cut-out animation and pixilation and kinestasis
we had the nicest two teachers in the world

For finals, we had to make a one minute animation
that could be about anything, basta three kinds of animation
we learned had to be there.

I made a CD case / CD sticker in case I could get some
bonus points! Muehehehehehehehe

And as for the animation I made -
Yes I will show youuuu

Dear Tess, thank you so much for agreeing to do this!!!!
And Tracy too, thank you for the last minute help with the paper! =))

GRAPDES is Graphic Design class, and for finals, our teacher
cut up some paper and wrote Filipino desserts on it.
We had to draw lots, and I got ensaymada!

So ayun, we were required to make a packaging design
for whichever product we got - and it had to be a "new look"
and we had to think about what it would have to look like
if we wanted other people (as in foreign people) to buy it too

I was out of brand name ideas, so, POOF!
I named the ensaymada after my mother!
HAHAHAHAH Tita Tita's Ensaymada

I had the box pattern printed out at Dexact and luckily (LUCKILY!!!)
they had acetate so I could print stuff on transparent chenes too!!!
(Which was the plan because I thought that people
would want to eat it if they could see inside the box but I didn't want
the transparent cover to be plain so I wanted the brand
printed onto it also do you get it?)

Tapos I had them print a bunch of the "yum!" stickers too
so I could put them on each ensaymada

TYPOGRA is short for Typography (obviously) and this was one of my
favorite electives this term also because I LOVE FONTS.
As a final, we had to make kinetic typography

Could be anything (song, movie dialogue, ad, etc etc etc)
as long as it had a range of emotions / voices and it had to be
a minute long

We spent a whole period deciding on what we were
going to do, so I chose Power by Kanye West

Again, plus points for decorated packaging

Excuse the bad words - Kanye likes saying them eh, ops.

Okay, this is business class, and it scares me to no end - 
Just so you know, I have no business knowledge whatsoever 
and I'm supposed to like it because it has some math, 
but I don't get it at all. 

Defense for our business plan is tomorrow, 
sooooo good luck nalang

P.S. Korra has a new trick


  1. For a second there I thought finals requirement mo yung dog tricks. hahahaha korra is so big na. D: D: D:

    1. =))))) Yes, he is!!! You should come by to see him! (And see me, oops)

  2. Why you didn't print your finals at Equiknox :(

    1. Because A3 isn't available there! :-(

    2. Hahaha and it is available na. Good Luck on your thesis Ana! ;) I'd like to see it one day hehehe

    3. Wag na =)) Ayaw ko thesis ko =)))))

  3. awww cute trick. My girls stopped wanting to learn tricks. Sit pretty and dance are the only ones they got down.

    1. Awww, I wanna be able to teach Korra how to dance too! It sounds cute!! :-)