Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singapore: Day Four (and kind of Five)

On the last whole day in Singapore, I declared that I would shop.
(This would include Tisha's pasalubong, my friends' pasalubong, and me me me)

Hoy I was wearing denim pa rin ha. 
Extra information - I sewed the sleeves on this shirt to keep them folded forever.

Hala? (Miko was making me do something other than just standing there)

So ayon - Miko went off to meet up with his frisbee buddies, Mom and Dad went off
to Takashimaya, Ate Diday was somewhere too, and I walk from the hotel to Cineleisure
and went to Burger King for some lunch since everything was still closed.

When I was a kid, Ate would always order a whopper but ask that it be plain.
As in meat and bread lang, then she'd put ketchup on it while eating it.
I never grew out of it.

So ayon, after lunch, the stores were opening na. 
Biglang whaaaaaat? I found my high school friend Marga in a store!
(In Singapore pa of all places 'no? I hadn't seen her in a long time)
She's the one on the right. Tapos the friend she was with was from Benilde
pala, and she told me that she'd see me around Taft all the time.
(Lol nice to finally meet you - in Singapore. Lol)

Tapos she offered to take our picture so yay :-h

After spending a few hours at Cineleisure, I was a happy kid na so I walked 
back to the hotel na. I passed by some Milo at the milk tea place next door, 
then headed upstairs to the room. Had a pretty long Facetime call with Kimpoi

Also ate the Yan Yan I got from Seven Eleven on the first night.
I ended up throwing it away because it was super stale, jej.
Sana may Milo din sa milk tea places dito

Tapos ayon, Miko, Anica, and Ana just spent the rest of the day at the hotel.
Got room service na rin instead of going out (because we planned to go out 
then everyone just got lazy so ayon)

Fast forward to Day Five, where nothing particularly interesting happened.
(except for finding a robot and a deck of cards with wild animals on them in the airport)

I kinda slept through the flight, then I woke up with an hour left
before Manila, so I asked if I could have some bread and butter.
The steward appeared with different kinds, and I was so happy that 
I said, "YAY!" and then he said "YAY!" right back at me!
Huhuhuhu thank you for being happy for me, steward guy.
Photo 6-23-13, 3 15 34 AM

When I got back to Manila, Carlos told me that his parents were inviting
me to dinner, and I was allowed (WOOHOO)
so when we got home, I just dressed up, re-makeup-ed, then left!
We had ramen that night. It was goooooood.


  1. Hi Ana!

    Re: Milo in milk tea places, you're in luck. I discovered that Chatime has Milo. Was looking for milo milk tea kasi then I saw they had it :D

    1. Wow!!! Thank you for letting me know!!! :-)

    2. LZN up there is the MILO Queen. Yep! :) Hehehe, Hi L!

  2. Jelaine went to Poveda with me! Small world.

    1. Weh??? That's cool! Small world nga!! :-))