Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singapore: Day Three

This post was super kaduper delayed because nothing much happened
the last two days there so I got pretty lazy to blog about it.
Hemingway - here it is!

Day Three was the only day that I got to go around with Mr. Chow!
(He remembers me even though the last time he saw me I had black hair!)

That day I was with Ate Diday, Miko, and Anica.
They told me they'd take me to the best Korean Barbecue ever.

We went to an old church that they turned into a city walk thinggie kind of place.

Pretty, 'no? It's not used for masses anymore eh.
There were shops and restaurants

Chenen - we're suddenly at the Korean place.
Miko was deciding what to order

I found a tiny dilis head on my placemat.

Daming food


Ate Diday told me I would fall in love with this egg and I diiiiid.
It was super fluufy. (It's steamed egg)

Miko's broken credit card
(I don't have pictures, but after lunch we went to the bank to have it replaced)

Following the denim deal again - that's a top that I got from
Singapore with my Ate a few years back. It's ProudRace!

(Ayaw sumali ni Miko sa picture pero nasama pa rin siya -
You cannot escape the wide lens)

(The cap says 1991 - yes that was the year I was born)

Fast forward to dinner.
Grabe guys, I only had a Tori Q meal once on the whole trip.
I love you chicken skin.

After dinner, we were running late for our movie,
(Which was at VivoCity - a faraway place - but also the only
one with seats to Great Gatsby kaya gora na) so Miko asked the cab
driver if we could get to the mall in ten minutes, and it was
around the fourth scariest car ride I've ever been on.

Passed by Samsung(?) and it was so bright

Met up with Miko's friends at the cinema and paid for the seats we reserved

Chenen (I sat next to Ate Diday because I'm shy)
Scary pa kasi it was during the movie when the bombing at Serendra
happened so we couldn't concentrate for a bit kasi Ate Diday got a text about it

When we left the cinmea after the movie was over, the mall was pretty much closed na.

We couldn't get a cab home because everyone was trying to get a cab home so we
walked a bit further from the mall and tried to get a cab from there.

Something funny that Miko told me about -
Before they got to our room, Miko picked up Anica at the lobby.
They were so into their conversation that he didn't notice he'd pressed
the 7th floor instead of the 8th. He went to the room that was supposedly ours
(except it was one floor below lol), and tried to work the card key but
the door wouldn't unlock. He tried it a bunch of times until the lady inside heard
and opened the door. She started at them for a few seconds then slammed it shut lelz.
Photo 6-23-13, 3 15 24 AM


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope you will blog more often.

    On another note, you said you were born in 1991. How old was your Mom when she gave birth to you? No offense meant ha.

    1. I'm adopted, no offense taken!!! :-)

    2. Are you seriously adopted? But you look so much like Ms. C. I'm so gullible y'know.

  2. That is really admirable.