Sunday, June 2, 2013

Singapore: Day Two

On the second day, I was up at 8:40AM singing some
Sound of Music (that's Miko behind me)

Met up with everyone at the lobby

And then something funny happened between Ate Diday and Dad

Went to Taka, and had some Tori Q before lunch

Miko made me try the chicken ball and it was yummy

Miko was on a search for banana milk
(Sobrang obsessed niya ok)

Soon after Tori Q, Miko was already looking for a place for lunch

Ended up at the restaurant right outside Takashimaya

This is what Ate Diday had.

She removed all the cucumber bits. (I would have, too)

The main reason we chose this place - the website said that
Ichiban Boshi had really good salmon skin.

This is called a Salmon King Crown
(Miko's crown fell.)

Tapos after we ate, we walked across the street so I could go to
Topshop and so that Ate Diday could go to Abercrombie and Fitch
(Which smells amazing ever from really far away.)

When we were done, Miko took me to Haji Lane.
It was my first time to ride a bus in Singapore!
Tapos we walked and then we got on a another bus, and then
we walked a bit more, and then


Magical graffiti on the side of a restaurant

Tapos I met this adorable cat in one of the stores!
(I got to poke its tail, okay.)

O-Mighty! (Hi Miko, I know that this store scared you a bit,
but thank you for going in with me anyway =)) )

Miko pointed this out then sang it,
then I sang it, then I took a photo

This was a funny sign outside another store

Sticking to the denim everyday deal!

The Tiramisu Hero is a great name for a cat.

Tapos something funny happened when we got to the end of Haji Lane.
A foreigner in a suit was walking around with a Penny looking confused.
Miko and I giggled because it made absolutely no sense.

I like taking photos of lolos.

Tapos from there we walked to Bugis Junction

Miko treated me to a giant cup of Milo
(Thank you!!!!)

And then we walked to SMU, where we were supposed to meet Anica.
She had a short meeting thinggie at the clinic, then we began to head
back to the hotel because we didn't want to be late for dinner.

On the way to the bus stop, we passed by this creepy church.
Miko said that it's so old they had to put poles around the front
just to keep the church from collapsing

AYIIIE This was taken when we got down to Ion because
Miko remembered that he promised Ate Diday some milk tea.
He was supposed to look for Gong Cha here.

Passed by this broken piece of glass.
What happened kaya?

When Miko gave up on looking for Gong Cha,
we went to Lucky Plaza to get Ate Diday some Koi Tea instead.

We got to the hotel in time, then we all left for Paragon.

The restaurant we were eating in was supposed to be on the 5th floor, and when we got there,
I think Dad misunderstood me and headed up another floor.
This is him on his way back down.

Tapos Sheena, Miko's friend appeared and I freaked out because I hadn't
seen her in such a long time! We ran to each other and hugged,
tapos she got hit by the spikes on my head.


Tito Renren, Alodia, and Pammy

Tito Renren wanted to take our photo naman, so he
asked to borrow my camera. This is what he took.

So ayon, after dinner, we left to go play billiards!
Then Ana was happy. The end.


  1. I spy Mickey Mouse!!! Weeee!!! :)

    I love reading about your trips!!

    1. Grabe I had to go through my post three times before I could find the Mickey Mouse!!! =))

      Thank you Gelooooo!!!!!

  2. I have the same bugis junction photo lulz (taken in 2011)

    I love your blog! ♥