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SG Apr '14: Day 1 + 2

April 17, 2014

April 16 is Miko's birthday. Ate Diday told me that they were 
planning a trip to Singapore to surprise him, and I was super excited
because I wanted to go too, but our flight was a day late! (No more
seats on the plane? Or maybe I had work? I can't remember)

Flew to Singapore with my parents and Tito Ronny's family.

Everything was normal, we headed down the same escalator and 
lined up for immigration, except when it was my turn, they didn't let
me through. The officer gave my passport back to me and told me to go
to the immigration office. By that time everyone else was already on the 
other side of the gate, so I just sent my dad a text telling him what was going
on. When I went to the counter, they didn't tell me anything about why I wasn't
let through- they just told me to go straight to the room they had on the side. 

At this point nashoshokotei na ako, because when I went inside, I saw two
women already asleep on their bags. Uhm. Was I going to end up like them?!?!?!
I was thinking maybe they stopped me because they saw I had a police report filed
from losing my passport? After a few minutes, a lady in a uniform comes in and
motions for me to follow her (parang hindi ata uso magsalita dito, guys) into a
small room next to our seats. She led me to a computer that was already on, tapos
she had me enter all my fingerprints into a USB reader. After that she just told me
I was done and I was like HUH ba't ganon so kinapalan ko na fezz ko and I straight
up asked her why they needed my prints and all I got from her was "just checking."

Although I didn't get an actual reason for why I was stopped, I was glad to get out
of there. I had to line up at immigration again and wait for my turn - Tita Mimi
was waiting for me at the other side because she was scared that I was scared daw :-))

Oh, here's a drawing of that immigration office room I was sent to:

As usual, I picked the seat next to all the luggage because I like corners.
Wa ko knows.

I don't know why I don't have photos of dinner, but I don't.
Apparently we met up with Sheena though! I think this was at
Dhoby Ghaut station - if I remember correctly, we came from
Cathay Cineplex? AH! Yeah! I took Tracy with me to meet up
with Miko at Plaza Singapura kasi that's where he was having
dinner and we were planning to play billiards at Cathay pero it was
raining really hard. After standing at the entrance for a while and
realizing the rain wasn't gonna stop anytime soon, we decided to make
a run for it (kasi Cathay is right next door naman)

April 18, 2014

Hello from our banyo (I was rooming with Tisha on this trip -
those are our pajamas at the back)

Ate Diday wanted us to eat at Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery) for lunch
kasi super yummy daw, pero the line was too long when we got there.
Went to the restaurant next to it nalang. Look at the cute cow logo!

The place's name is Ito-Kacho and I liked it because I like luto-luto.

This is a king crab claw.

Tess wearing my sunglasses

After lunch we passed by Dad and Uncle Jimmy at a restaurant in the
same building so we could say hi. They were selling black waffles.

Spent the afternoon at Takashimaya. The two girls getting their salted caramel
macaron fix at Ladurèe (it's the only flavor they eat)

I found a Japanese Pokemon magazine at Kungkanikanino!
(Also known as Kinokuniya)
Yes I admit I only bought it for the blanket

Ugh why are the Japanese so cute irita

Tisha on the other bed: "What the hell, Annie."

French frie jacket in preparation for movie night
(we were going to watch The Other Woman)

Had a quick dinner in Din Tai Fung, Paragon.
That yellow thing on the right side of the photo is a
cute crab made out of xiao long bao dough!


Took a photo of a guy slicing stuff

~*Went to Shaw to watch movie*~

Tisha got a sundae on the way home and her cone had a
hole in it so I took a photo

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  1. Same thing happened to me last time I flew in there. I was half scared and wondered if I'd ever see the light of day again.