Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Updates: Part Four

1. At one point during our meetings, Patrick would bring his printer
kasi wala kaming printer in that unit HAHAHA

2. Matching socks with Maysie!!! (No, not planned)

3. Sir Rob trying Jer's Penny

4. Eh kasi feerz

5. This was taken at Rockwell, on the day that we went to their office to reserve 
the Tent for the exhibit. Guess who wore the Vans?

6. It was Maysie (wearing the Vans)! This was Maysie rejoicing under a giant hole
when we finally got April 10 - 12 as our dates!!!!

7. Another Sunday meeting - Maysie and I were lying down on the floor when 
Patrick arrived and started streching his arm like that. Eh, super natawa kami

8. Aside from the Multimedia Arts Festival, we were also busy with the MMA Awards.
We wanted to help Sir Jesse, who was the teacher handling both at the same time. :-(
Kaya ayon, I helped cut the IDs :-))

9. The day the posters finally got printed was a magical day! 
Everyone was super happy and kilig

10. Got up at 7 in the morning so that I could be at Binondo at 9:30am
to pick up acrylic sheets for our installation and so that I could be in Taft
just in time to document the MMA Awards.

11. Backstage preparing for the Awards!!! (Preparing = taking mirror shots)

12. Sobrang cute ni Sir Rene, okay. He was wearing a cute jacket with bells on
them. (ALSO! This was the day I found out that my sister used to work with him 
for the Daily Globe ata - so wala lang, it's funny.)

13. I found that out because I had asked my sister to present one of the awards 
because someone had asked me to... (Nyehehe hi Sir! Miss you :-( ) 
So anyway - My Ate called me out while she was on stage and she said that she did 
this because she loved me and she also shouted at me to not take her photos.
Sorry nalang I had to - I'm in the Documentation committee!!!

14. They had to leave right after because they had another meeting somewhere.
That's Ate getting mad again because she still doesn't want her photo taken

15. Random emo truck on the way to school saying, "SNAY!!! AKONG.. NAG IISA!!!"

16. We had our overnight ingress on the weekend before the in-campus exhibit.
That's Ana and Maysie being enggry. (Pero only joke time enggry not really enggry)

17. Sir Jesse being feerz as usual.

18. When our main installation was done, we carried it from our area
on the 5th floor all the way to the service elevator so that we could bring it upstairs
to the 10th. It was really heavy but we were really happy. Lol ngek

19. This lady kept us company the whole time we resided at the 5th floor!
And yes, she was already like that when we got there

20. Sir Rob appeared the next morning with food for us! 
He's awesome :-(

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