Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life Updates: Part One

1. My wonderful friend Ina invited me to a shoot for an article she was shooting 
for the Philippine Star (it was about androgynous people and she said that 
I always dress like a boy so ready set go na daw) 

I would like to thank her magical face for the opportunity - and as usual,
I would like to tell her that she is such a talented photographer

2. When I write letters to people, I like to give them information they don't need to see.

3. November of 2012, I attended the PRACPREP seminar at school,
and I was too lazy to change into my heels in the bathroom. I did it on the stairs.

4. Last year, I received a LOT OF HELP from my Mom's friend Tito Butch
because I had no idea how to make a proper business plan for my BIZ2 class.

This is their pet schnauzer, Magic.
She is adorable and she feels naked without clothes.

5. When we are in a mall and we know we can't buy anything,
we just take sad photos in the mirror because why the hell not

6. One of the things I could not buy.
Guys, this dress never reappeared in Top Shop ever again.
I still feel bad about not being able to get it.

7. A cute lola eating an ice cream outside Ministop SDA.
She looked like she was taking a break from pulling that cart around.

8. A lady with bags of food from Jollibee inside McDonald's

9. Love love for Simba

10. Christian with his girlfriend + his girlfriend's sister inside a bubble
during his birthday party (Please ang cute lang)

11. Sharing a giant sandwich with my yaya after an afternoon of Christmas
shopping for the family at High Street

12. Daffy got attacked by Simba a few days before leaving for Hong Kong for Christmas break.
One of the scariest things that I have ever seen up front - but Daffy was super brave when
he had to get a million shots (50 when I'm not exaggerating) at the hospital

13. From the film camera that Carlos gave me for my birthday - That's Ate Mich watching
the kids try to put as many straws into their parent's / yaya's hair before the time is up

14. Another from the camera from Carlos - I think I posted this in my Ina post?
I am not sure. Basta, I really like this photo of Ms. Ina eh.

15. Another from the camera from Carlos - The boys obsessing
over the Game of Life on Miko's iPad (Grabe we went to Tagaytay
and we ended up just playing this for the whole day)

16. Another from the camera from Carlos -
This would be the guy who gave me the awesome film camera

17. Another from the camera from Carlos - Kuya Leo's stomach, Daffy, and Miko
(Taken on the last day of our Hong Kong trip, right before leaving for the airport)

18. Korra and Bel, taken with my fisheye

19. A trip to Tagaytay is not complete without going to the Steak House for lunch.
Why I am posing like this, wa ko knows

20. Eh heller look at the steak - this would be why we never get sick of it


  1. 1. Thank you for making time for that shoot kahit sobrang ang chenestakas alam mo na =))
    2. #DaffyFanClub bakit parang walang nagcomment na "DAFFY BASTUSIN MO KO" ngayon
    3. I really like that picture you took of me with the camera Carlos gave you, too =w=

    1. 1. HOY SHH =))
      2. Babalik din si BASTUSIN MO AKO
      3. I really like it too! Weird thing happened with the film and then it came out nice-looking so yehey for accidents :-))

  2. Oh noo Daffy!!! what a brave soul to have to get that many shots :)

    Really love your blog Ana!!!


    1. He said that the shots hurt more than the dog bites! :-))

      Thank you!! :-)

  3. That Daffy is such a cutie... Is he ur bf? :)

    1. :-)))))))))

      Daffy is my nephew :-))