Sunday, May 12, 2013


Long time no blog - I've been so busy I wasn't even able to blog about Appa.

After months of having Korra at the house, my mom felt that
he should have a friend so he wouldn't be so lonely at the house.
She talked to my brother about getting a new dog, and he found a breeder 
with a tiny white pomeranian. January of this year, during my 
parents' anniversary dinner, the breeder took this little dog to the restaurant 
and we met him for the first time. 

He was adorable and super happy. He was wagging his tail and licking all of us.
So ayon, we fell in love and decided to get him that same night


Since Appa wasn't used to the house yet, he'd wake me up at 6am
for the first few days because he wanted to pee.

He was a little bit older than Korra was when we got him,
so it was really hard to make him fit into my shoe - I forced it anyway.

'Di din ata gets ni Appa yung concept ng "bed," so he would
sleep on the floor of his cage instead of his pillow

He also liked sticking his nose and his paws out of the cage for some reason.
(Korra used to do this too - Appa looks Chinese, 'no?)

He had adorable eyebags that Dad really liked.
Dad said the eyebags made Appa look different


He was super hyper too, he would pull bags three times his weight around the house

Korra hated him for a while too, (syempre spoiled dog kasi)
pero he warmed up to Appa din

That's my niece Maxine playing house with them

They'd take me to school everyday.
(Did you notice they're making a heart shape? Hehe kyot)

Dad, Mom, and Appa (He loved that corner)

He would sleep on me

And sleep on me

And sleep on me

And sleep on me.

I miss Appa.


  1. Ana, I'm sorry about Appa. Was he not vaccinated? Or maybe he was vaccinated too late na. =(

    I lost four pups to Parvo naman, one after the other.

    1. The breeder told us he got all his shots :-( Guess it was our fault for not making sure of it :-(

      I'm sorry about your dogs!!! :-(

      Buti na nga lang Korra didn't get the virus eh, super lucky :-(

    2. Ana, there have been cases of vaccinated dogs who still get distemper. Some of our rescues got distemper despite being up-to-date on their shots. You may want to talk to your vet about it re: Momo and Korra; just to be on the safe side. =)